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Aug 17, 2007 10:29 PM

Bend, Jackalope Grill

Dont go there. It is crap. Went there tonight and they tried to rip us off. Trying to bill us 18 percent on our bill for 5 people AND they added the bill $40 in their favor. Rotten duck leg main course that I sent back was worst I have ever seen my whole life. Lamb was extremely bad also.
Very sad because it is a restaurant that is just a couple of miles from our new home and we would have been great customers but they messed I am afraid.
We will recommend to no one!!

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  1. Sorry to hear that. I've never been, but have heard good things. Sounds like you got the double whammy... Bad food, Bad bill.

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      Yes indeed! On a more positive not we took our friends from out of town out again last night. This time to Ariana Restaurant and it was very good from start to finish! Welcoming Mom of Ariana the chef, excellent cocktails, great soft shell crab appetizer, delicious salmon main course and scrumptious chocolate dessert. My husband's lamb apparently melted in the mouth too and the rest of the group also enjoyed their choices.
      Other spots we have enjoyed so far are Zydeco, Toomies and Deep for dinner and the sandwiches and bread from the Village Bakery. We have also been to Greg's Grill but found that disappointing except for the view of the river and the building itself.

    2. From my experience with Jackalope Grill, I'm guessing you either had exceptionally bad luck or that there's more to this story. My wife and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary by having a night out in Bend without the kids. On a recommendation from Bend Oregon Restaurants, we decided to start the night at Jackalope Grill. When we get the chance to enjoy a nice meal, we always go for the complete "soup to nuts" approach - appetizers, entrees, salads, wine(s), desserts. We order the works, and we trust the wait staff to help guide our choices.

      From the Oregon crab stuffed mushrooms and Chehalem Pinot Gris to the grilled lamb shank paired with a surprisingly good imported red (can't recall the name - recommended by our knowledgeable server) to the homemade ice cream, every course was excellent. Bend is quickly making a place for itself on the foodies' map, and Jackalope is among the best here.

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