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Aug 17, 2007 08:55 PM

Queen Anne Groceries?


I am moving to Queen Anne next month (relocating from Eastern Washington) and am worried about where I will be able to buy groceries. I am very into local/sustainable food, and have been able to shop affordably at farmers' markets where I live now. Are Seattle farmers' markets insanely expensive for buying fresh produce? What groceries stores are good quality but decently-priced? I am hoping to walk/bus everywhere from my apartment, is that feasible?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Queen Anne's a big hill. It is easier to advise if we know where you will be. At the foot of the counterbalance are Metropolitan Market, QFC. At the top is Trader Joe's, at the crown is QA Thriftway. For cheap produce, take a bus to the area around 12th and Jackson.

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      There's the Metropolitan Market on top of the hill too. And the Ken's Groceries over.. well, heck, I'm not sure how to describe that part of queen anne.

      And there's the Queen Anne's farmer's market every thu til. sometime.

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        For top of the Hill Metropolitan Market (formerly Thriftway) has good produce, often local or organic. At QA Blvd and McGraw is A&J Meats for, well, meat. A really great family owned butcher. With it is Wild Salmon, which is a branch of the Fisherman's terminal shop, so fresh seafood. I am also happy with the meat and seafood at the Met. Ken's is at 6th W and McGraw and I am there several times a week, because it small and fast. Not as much selection as a full size grocery and the produce is medium. On Lower Queen Anne (south side) there is another Met Market. For Farmer's Markets, I like Pike Place year round and Ballard Market on Sundays. The QA market on Thursdays is harder for me to get to. There's a Trader's Joe also on the top of QA.

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          Thanks, everyone. I will be in at on 10th Ave W (near Howe and McGraw). I am not familiar with the neighborhood at all. Mrnelson, what is the place around 12th and jackson with inexpensive produce?

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            That would be MacPherson's on Beacon Hill. Quite a ways from QA, but worth the trip if you need a LOT of something, like you're going to make a massive bowl of guacamole. The thing about MacPherson's is that everything is on the borderline of being past ripe or maybe a little bruised, so you have to use it the day you buy it.

            On top of the hill, I love Metropolitan Market. A little pricey, but incredibly high quality. The small size of the store is perfect, they've weeded out all the crap and left only the good stuff, which means you have to cover less ground to get everything you need and get out the door.

            Definitely go out to Ballard on Sunday for their farmer's market. It's huge, great selection, great prices, great people, and from where you're located it's just a quick drive down the backside of the hill to the Ballard Bridge and you'll be there.

            1. re: icecreamgal

              You will be very close (walking) to Ken's. It's a great spot. There's a QFC (Kroger's) down the Hill from there, and a Safeway at the top of the Hill, too, but I don't think their produce or meat is nearly the quality of Met Market. All the places at the top of the Hill are within a mile or so of your new home!

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                And don't forget the QA Farmer's Market - Thursday afternoons (3-7)at McClure Middle School.

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                  Since I don't recognize the name, mcpherson's, I can't tell you any more about that place, except to say that the description "on the borderline of being past ripe or maybe a little bruised" is very right, so that's probably it. Down Jackson into regular old Chinatown, though, are a several little grocery stores with produce on the sidewalk and these are worth checking out. I agree completely, also, with the rec of the Ballard Farmer's market (google up seattle farmer's markets - there's pretty much one in or near every city neighborhood). The Queen Anne Thursday market:
                  McClure Middle School
                  1915 First Ave. W.
                  3:30 pm to 7:00pm.
                  Puget Consumer's Coop, in Fremont, just north across the canal from QA, is pricey, but does a good job - The Ballard Market (a Thriftway, I believe) also does good job of produce (and while you're there you can get a very nice house-made Dungeness crab cake from the fish-market). A person shopping for a decent bottle of wine can get help here, too.
                  And don't forget Trader Joe's.

      2. is a good place to go for transit information. Stop in at HQ 2nd & Jackson and get a Transit map - also is a great website - try the trip planner and other goodies.

        Seattle farmer's markets are likely pricier than you are used to, but they are as much fun as we get to have on the rainy side of the hill:
        We Columbia City 5/2/07-10/31/07 3-7pm
        Wallingford 3-7 may 16 sep 26
        Pike organic weds (fr, su
        )Th Lake City 5/17/07-10/4/07 3-7pm
        QA 3-7
        Fr Phinney 6/15/07-9/28/07 3-7pm in pnc lot
        Madison @ 20th all year 3-7
        Sa Magnolia 6/2/07 - 10/13/07 10-2pm
        UW 1/6/07 - 4/28/07 10-2pm
        Su Broadway 5/13/07 - 11/18/07 BOA 11-3p
        West Sea 1/7/07 - 2/25/07 10-1pm
        Ballard 10-4 apr-nov 10-3 other 22nd
        Fremont flea mkt 10-5
        I don't recognize the name, MacPherson's, but the comment that "everything is on the borderline of being past ripe or maybe a little bruised, so you have to use it the day you buy it" is spot-on, so that is likely right. On down Jackson, past the freeway into old Chinatown, though, there are several little stores with produce on the sidewalk and these are worth a look.
        Across the Fremont Bridge is Puget Consumer's Co-Op (PCC). Good produce there, with organic-sustainable emphasis (and pricey), and across the Ballard Bridge is another good thriftway, the Ballard Market. Good produce, competitive pricing, good wine selection. And do not miss the house-made Dungeness crab-cakes.

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        1. re: mrnelso

          I wish I didn't have to add this footnote, but... the fabulous Metropolitan Market (formerly QA Thriftway) at the top of the hill could disappear one of these years. There was a plan to replace it with a much bigger QFC (and other retail and housing) which was recently shelved due to increasing costs, so for the moment, Met Market remains. Hopefully the owner and Met Market will figure out how to keep them here, as its loss would be catastrophic for foodies on the hill.

          1. re: BruceB

            Thanks, everyone, for your great suggestions! Can't wait to make the big move...hopefully I will meet lots of enthusiastic hounds once I get there!

        2. Folks have given you the lay of the land pretty well, I live on 11th, in the same "micro" hood as you... The IceBox used to be cool when Jen owned it, now, well...not so much..... Kens has always been solid, and is on the upswing witth more organics....Met Mkt on top of the Hill is a stalwart...and the # 1 bus will get you to the Pike Place Market... Hit Sosios or Franks and you are in good shape.

          One comment on the Wild Salmon... go to the main shop at fishermans terminal...the QA branch doesn't have the same amount of product, nor the helpfulness of the staff...(of course I always try to go to Jacks in the market for seafood anyway....)