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Aug 17, 2007 08:53 PM

What are you buying at Carrboro or Durham Farmers' Market?

Which farmer has the best tomatoes? Watermelon? Anything else seasonal that you're enjoying?

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  1. I lucked onto some good figs at the Carrboro market last week. Didn't see them this morning, but I was a little frazzled and may just have somehow passed them by.

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      Hi LulusMom: The late frost got most of the early figs this year. The mid-summer ones are starting to ripen but that can also be dependent on rain... so that's why having them around is iffy right now.

    2. Rose Lyon always has the most tomatoes. I tend to move aorund a good bit but always support Farmer John at Eco Farm and Bill Dow. Tomatoes, garlic, onions, cheese and turkey figs today from a lot of different purveyers. Oh yeah and two blueberry muffins for son and daughter..

      1. I'm awful w/ producer names, to be honest I'm looking at the produce instead of the signs.

        My CSA is w/ Brinkley and their watermelons esp. seedless were phenomenal but they didn't have any this week. Today I got sweet peppers, green beans, tomatoes (heirloom and slicing), and basil from Brinkley. I also got buffalo (ground and london broil, one from each of the buffalo stands), scuppernogs and muscadines from the big stand on the right side of the backstretch, and cukes.

        I've known this but I'm always struck by how bought out the selection is if I get there after about 8:45. I usually try to arrive earlier but overslept this AM and found several of my favorites sold out (blueberries by the entrance, cukes from the old guy w/ the pickup).

        I'm headed over to the Saxapahaw market in a few minutes for potatoes, jalapenos and whatever else looks good.

        1. I go pretty often to the mkt. Alex at Peregrine Farms has super tomatoes (and he had figs today). I got sour raspberries today as well as good, but not organic apples. I am also addicted to what Brinkley calls "cream peas" but what my mother calls "zipper peas." They are like little black-eyed peas and they are great. In Durham today, I got some little eggplants called fairy somethings. they were across from Brinkley next to George O'Neal, who had great and cool melons today (he had figs, too). I also got cukes from Four Leaf and cheese from Chapel Hill Creamery and from Elodie.

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            Where are the organic apples coming from? The Easter Freeze took out most of NC's apple (an peach, and nectarine, and...) crop this year. I've talked with a few apple growers in Hendersonville and Arden, and they're not planning on getting more than few bushels. They're not even planning on shipping, maybe just using at home because it's going to cost them more to ship than it's worth due to the poor yield.

          2. Lst Saturday at the Carrboro Farmers market I bought yellow and red tomatoes ($1.50 pound!), Chinese long beans and yellow beans, a vegetable that was literally half squash and half zuccini, eggplant, red bell peppers and okra. Don't remeber the specific producers.

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              I got some of those yellow tomatoes too - they look just beautiful. Haven't tried them yet, but will tonight with some mozzarella and basil.