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Aug 17, 2007 06:36 PM

Belwood Bakery Studio City

Went there for morning pastries, and baguette for tonight. As always everything was fresh with seriously cheery service. They have added a rewards program. Thought I would share...

They are now doing a rewards cards. They are giving back 5% towards your future visit! Croissants and cash back...SWEET!

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  1. I wish I liked desserts more than I do, because theirs are very good. Their lemon tarts are very tasty, and they become my dessert staple if I want to buy something, or otherwise their fruit tarts which are also delicious.

    1. All their savory bread products are great as well, especially the crusty breads.

      In high school, we used to go here for lunch, as my friends loved their sandwiches. They also make a killer egg salad.

      1. refresh me as to location (too lazy to google)

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        1. re: Diana

          Shops at the Curve - south side of Ventura Blvd. between Coldwater and Whitsett.
          Vaguely speaking, across the street from the Bowling Alley/Carneys/Bed, Bath and Beyond area of Studio City.

        2. A rewards program?! Uh oh...I'd kill for their slices of chocolate fudge cake!

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          1. re: gremly girl

            ya...cake and money back on a card for next time. It's working. I have gone there more lately. Fudge cake all around! :)

          2. I love their almond croissants and apple turnovers.