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Eggplant for those who don't like it?

I am not a huge eggplant fan. But I just received a gorgeous eggplant from my CSA. I am not into just grilling it or roasting it. Any ideas?

My mom used to trick my brother and I into eating when we were kids by serving what she called 'goulash'...it was actually eggplant and ground beef with onions and cheeses. It was wonderful. Does anyone have a recipe like that as well?


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  1. You might consider this one for lamb and eggplant stew that was posted by Anne in Mpls on a crockpot post...it is so delicious! The eggplant sort of melts into the meat...I served it over orzo...


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      Another great eggplant recipe is Paula Wolfert's Chicken with tomato eggplant "jam". It's a Moroccan recipe and I'll post it if you are interested. It's truly delish and the eggplant melts into the sauce and can't be distinquished as eggplant.

      I've served it to raves from a couple of people who don't like any veg very much and hate eggplant.

    2. Another idea is Lidia B's eggplant-tomato sauce, which is great with poached eggs in it. It freezes really well.

      1. I have made Eggplant Scramble (read: goulash) for decades -- my boys love it, too.
        Let me know if you want me to send you the recipe via e-mail.

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          Please do send it: tpgb3@aol.com. Thanks much

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            Tom -- Did you receive my e-mail message?
            Have you tried it?

        2. if you make 1/4 slices - deep fry it until golden - and just top with soy sauce and some fresh grated ginger...simple and tasty.

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            I lkie to fry or grill my sliced eggplant then add tomatoes,onions, bell peppers and meat
            balls or cut up sausage. this works for me. you can put this as a casserole and bake it
            with cheddar on top.

          2. Ratatouille is my FAVORITE

            Baba Ghanoush

            I know you don't like to grill it but personally I love to slice it, coat in garlic salt, then grill til really well done on the BBQ... sometimes then I chop it up with other grilled, garlic salt coated veggies (mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, etc.) and toss in a pan w/ shirataki noodles, balsamic vinegar, Bragg's amino acids, and mustard... serve alongside some protein (rotisserie or roasted or poached chicken or egg whites).

            1. Many people don't like eggplant because it can be very bitter. My father taught me how to make Eggplant Parmesan when I was still a kid and one thing he had me do was liberally salt the sliced eggplant and pile into a colander. He would then place a saucer on top and weight it down with something heavy (I use a gallon of bottled water) and set the colander on top of a dinner plate and let it do its thing in a cool kitchen or fridge for a few hours. If done right, when you check the eggplant, a quantity of bitter purple liquid has collected in the lower plate. Discard the liquid and with it goes the acrid taste that people so dislike.

              I usually then wipe the eggplant rounds with a damp paper towel to get off any extra salt, but my dad used to just season with other spices and continue on; he claimed that the excess salt was sweated away into the plate along with the liquid.

              1. I really like Szechwan Eggplant made by brushing slices of eggplant with oil, grilling for five minutes on each side, and then tossing quickly in the wok with minced fresh ginger and garlic, hot pepper of some sort, tamari soy sauce, and possibly a little water to keep everything from being overpowering. Garnish with scallions, fresh basil, and sesame seeds serve with brown rice. (Apparently eggplant has very little nutritional value.)

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                    Amanita, I used to think that eggplant was not very nutritious either (a TV chef said it once while preparing) but it IS...see link below:


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                      Loooooveee it that way.

                      Also, I have had that, cut into thinner strips, rolled up with brown rice and seaweed into eggplant "sushi"

                      And again, I had it in a Dim Sum house stuffed with shrimp paste and steamed, then dressed with extra teriyaki sauce.

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                        just wanted to say thanks for sharing this -- I was looking for something to do with eggplant the other night and came across this post. Now I'm doing it all the time!

                      2. Russo's Market has a strange but unbelievably delicious recipe that involves 3/4" eggplant slices, coated on each side with mayo - of all things - then coated in seasoned bread crumbs - I use Panko w/grated Romano, herbs, S & P, Cayenne. Lightly oil baking sheet and place slices in single layer. Bake in 375* oven till crumbs are golden brown and eggplant is softened. Sometimes I make a Parmasiano, or simply use for a side dish.

                        1. In Mrs Chiangs Szechwan Cookbook, there is a recipe for Eggplant with Chopped Meat that will knock the socks off of any eggplant hater. The eggplant is cooked with ginger, garlic, chili paste, ground pork (among other things) until it falls apart. I call it szechwan spaghetti sauce. Really good stuff.

                          1. Eggplant meatballs. Weird sounding, I know, but I made them last New Year's Eve (we have several vegetarian friends) and they were a huge hit. http://home.discovery.com/fansites/ho...

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                              If you just want to use up the eggplant, as opposed to highlighting its flavour, i often incorporate it into a tomato pasta sauce, by peeling the eggplant, and dicing it quite small, then sauting it along with garlic and onions as a base for the tomato sauce recipe. it uses a lot of eggplant, adds a good texture, and nobody notices that it is eggplant....

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                                I do the same thing but do not peel the eggplant. As my mother would say, "all the vitamins are in the skin." The eggplant seems to "beef" up the sauce.

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                                Bivalve, do you bake or fry the meatballs?

                              3. My son claims that he hates eggplant, but he loves this recipe for baba ghanash....He doesn't believe it has eggplant in it! http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/cda/r...

                                1. I've made moussaka and people who hate eggplant have loved it.

                                  1. Slice into rounds, spray with a little olive oil, and cover with mozzarella or parmesan. Bake at 350 until bubbly and brown. If you make the slices super thin, they'll crisp up like chips in the oven. This is how my mother got me to like eggplant.

                                    1. Make Mirza Ghasemi, an Iranian eggplant dip.

                                      1. It sounds like you used to eat a modified version of moussaka, the Mediterranean casserole of sliced eggplant, tomatoes and mincemeat, topped off by white sauce. You can easily take a base recipe and alter it to your own taste, such as by adding cheese to the bechamel: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip....

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                                          Does moussaka normally have feta cheese in it? I've never had it that way.

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                                            Moussaka normally is cheeseless in every variation I've tried, but cheese makes everything better, no?

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                                              It does sound like a good combination, the feta and moussaka. I hadn't seen that before. I have thrown in parmesan because it seems lasagna like to me with the bechamel, more cheese, more cheese...;-)

                                        2. I have two that are guaranteed fabulous results! I was a veggie for years, so I really jazzed up a lot of my vegetable recipes:

                                          Stuffed eggplant is delicious -- cut each eggplant in half the long way, bake the eggplants on a cookie sheet, then scoop out the inside (carefully --- keep the shells intact to use as little boats later) and combine with sauteed onion, garlic, mushroom, fresh herbs, ricotta, some mozzarella, and a little tomato paste. It should be very creamy. Pop it back in the eggplant shells and sprinkle with lots of Parmesan and black pepper. Bake until bubbly. This is absolutely delicious -- lighter in carbs than a lasagna, with the same divine flavor. The eggplant flavor will not dominate.

                                          Also I really like Crispy Baked Eggplant with Blue Cheese Sauce from Still Life with Menu. Even finnicky children who are resolutely anti-eggplant will like this one, I assure you! For this, slice eggplant into very thin rounds, salt, wait 10 mins, and then pat dry. Dip slices in milk, then flour. Bake at 375 degrees on cookie sheets for about 20 mins -- watch out, b/c they can burn quickly as they're so thin.

                                          The star here is the sauce : a lovely creamy sauce that's even kind of healthy (or so I convince myself) b/c it's made with yogurt! Basically sautee onion and garlic (abt 7 mins), then add some mushroom (I like a lot) and some lemon juice for tang (5 more mins), and finally some yogurt and blue cheese. Simmer for about 10 mins on very low heat. This is a crowd-pleaser.

                                          1. On the theory that anything stuffed with pork and deep-fried will taste good, try this: