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Aug 17, 2007 05:19 PM

Interesting Mudbug Take...

from "TimeOut" New York today:

"Considered so delish in Scandinavia that their insides are called smör (butter), crayfish are getting their very own week at Aquavit. A plate of 25 to 30 critters (cooked in beer, sugar and flowering dill) comes with corn on the cob, boiled potatoes and Jarlsberg cheese.

Crayfish Week. Aquavit, 65 E 55th St between Madison and Park Aves. Noon–2:30pm, 5:30–10:30pm. For more info or to make reservations, call 212-307-7311. Lunch $25, dinner $35 plus tax and gratuity."

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  1. New York magazine has a different take on it:

    Aquavit’s Crayfish Festival
    Outside Louisiana, Americans for some reason don’t go gaga over crayfish (crawfish or crawdads, if you’re from down South) the way New Zealanders, the French, and especially Scandinavians do. But every year, Aquavit chef Marcus Samuelsson attempts to raise the profile of these succulent little freshwater delicacies, which are as popular in Samuelsson’s native Sweden as those tiny, gravy-soaked meatballs. From August 15 to 21, he dishes them out for lunch and dinner, at a $20.12 all-you-can-eat free-for-all, a four-course $45 spread in the café, or a $100 seven-course dinner in the dining room.

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    1. re: Blumie

      Why would you chose to do this in August? Seems to me you have a much more successful meal if you served them in season (unless, of course, crawfish ARE in season in Sweeden in August, and he is importing Scandinavian mudbugs)

      1. re: paz5559

        That's what i was he importing them?

        update: just googled it...yeah Scandinavian season begins in August...hmmm never tried their's. What's the difference...I'd like to think Southern La's are da best?

        1. re: jamielynn

          I wonder if they are serving saltwater crawfish like the ones in Spain and Italy...are they what they eat in Scandinavia? I have heard them referred to as "Norway lobster". A totally different beast than the freshwater crawfish served in La.

          Edit: Answered my question with the ole wiki:

          There is a local species of freshwater crawfish in Scandinavia but they also grow the American species, and import from China and the USA. The prep is how they are doing it at Aquavit, cooked in beer with dill. Since they can't keep up with the demand in Sweden I doubt they are exporting them to NYC...probably homegrown crawfish are served at Aquavit.

          "Norway lobster" is the langoustine (French), cigarilla (Spanish), escamarlan (Catalan), scampo (Italian)

          We ate a lot of them in Barcelona and Venice, interesting that they are harvested in the Adriatic but not other parts of the Mediterranean. They also eat them in Scadinavia, of course.

          1. re: kenito799

            In Austrailia they call them 'Yabbies'.

      2. re: Blumie

        Crayfish in late summer is huge in Finland.