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Aug 17, 2007 04:24 PM

source for high-quality dried mushrooms?

i'm extremely unhappy with the ones i've purchased @ surfas.

the 'forestier' blend was loaded with grit & woody stems, and the whole shiitakes were pretty much inedible.

anyone know where i can get some good dried gourmet mushrooms [i.e. porcini, chanterelle, etc.] that aren't appallingly expensive?

i'd try costo but i heard they discontiued their porcini, and i don't really need shiitakes. and i thought about picking up the ones i've seen @ trader joe's, but the packages are teeny.


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  1. Wild Oats has a good selection.

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    1. Really? I've been buying their porcini for years, with delicious results.

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      1. re: trixie49

        yep. it was a real bummer because i love that place, and i buy so many great things there. if it had just been one variety i might have given them another try, but both were so bad! of course now you have me thinking i should take a chance on the porcini...

      2. whole foods has a good selection
        bristol farms

        1. If you're near LA Chinatown or SGV, try Wing Hop Fung for imported goods from the People's Republic. Prices are very competitive and the selection is wide for various grades of mushrooms. 99 Ranch Markets have shitake mushrooms in large bags but I don't know what your tolerance for quality is?

          1. Nicole's in South Pasadena has a small selection at pretty good prices.