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Aug 17, 2007 04:16 PM

Storage of tahini

I needed tahini for a recipe and all I could find was a huge jar, nearly a quart. Once it is opened, does it need to be refrigerated? The jar does not say either way--it's from a small middle eastern company and the label isn't terribly detailed...Regardless of whether it needs to be refrigerated, how long should I be able to keep the jar once it is opened?

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  1. I keep mine in the refrigerator. It seems to last a very long time there.

    1. treat it like peanut butter w/o preservatives. it will be okay in the cupboard if you use it up pronto, but the fridge is safest for anything longer than a couple of weeks or so. the tahini should be okay almost indefinitely in the fridge, same as pb.

      1. Refrigerate it...It will last a long time, like peanut butter

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          Thank you all--I figured that was the case, but needed the positive reinforcement.

        2. Mine has been the upboard a couple of months. It is fine

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            Mine in the pantry for longer than that = it settles out and has to be stirred, but outsde of that, it's fine.

          2. I keep mine in the fridge, been there a very long time, and it's perfectly fine. Just needs to come to room temperature a but before using.