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Aug 17, 2007 03:57 PM

Visit to Marietta

We will be spending a few days in Marietta. We will stay at the glamorous Comfort Inn near exit 261 of I-75. Any suggestions for places close to that. Southern cooking a BBQ would be nice, since there is not a whole lot of that in Trenton, NJ.

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  1. You are staying at the Delk Road exit. Go east to Powers Ferry Road, then right (south) and in the shopping center on the left is Green Tomato - a Korean owned southern buffet. It is cheap and tasty.

    For easy to find bbq - go north to exit 267A and a quarter mile past the first traffic light (9on your left) is The Rib Ranch. I usually order their sampler plate - sausage, brisket, pork and turkey with 2 vegetables for $8.95. A little more difficult to reach, but the best bbq in the area is at Sam & Dave's BBQ 1 (open 7 days) on Lower Roswell Road or Sam & Dave's BBQ 2 (open Mon-Sat) on Whitlock Ave.

    Pattaya is a very good Thai seafood restaurant on the SW corner of Terrill Mill Road and Powers Ferry Road. An excellent Brazilian bakery is Pao de Mel on Windy Hill Road in the same shopping center as Back Yard Burgers - just east of US 41. Pao de Mel serves excellent sandwiches along with an assortment of Brazilian pastries.

    Doceur de France is on Glover Street @ Atlanta Road. Take Delk Road west to Atlanta Road, turn right and go north about four blocks. They are an excellent choice for breakfast or lunch Monday-Saturday.

    In general, there are a number of good places to eat on the Marietta Square and in downtown Smyrna. The Marietta Square is Atlanta Road at Roswell Street and Smyrna's Market Square is a mile south of Windy Hill Road on Atlanta Road.

    Good luck, and let us know where you eat and what you think of where you ate.

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      Is Tasty China still holding up since Chang is gone?

      1. re: johnb

        I have not been back since Chang left, but the reports on AtlantaCuisine have continued to be positive.

        1. re: Milt

          We really enjoyed Tasty China as recently as June.

          1. re: uptown jimmy

            Ten of us from AtlantaCuisine gathered at Tasty China for dinner last week and it was excellent.

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              I checked out the post from your group's house counsel and it looked a pretty good, typical Sichuan meal. Are there any additional go-to dishes these days at TC? Wish I were a bit closer to you all and could join in these sessions. I may be in Atlanta on Tuesday the 27th and if so might have a chance to stop there for an early dinner. It would be my first time since Chang left.

    2. For bbq, you must try Sam N Dave's #2. It's one mile west of the Marietta Square at 660 Whitlock Ave in Marietta, GA. Clearly it is some of the best bbq to be had in the ATL area. I really love the brisket, the brunswick stew and they have killer mac-n-cheese, but these guys are serious and they do most everything right.

      1. Best bbq in the area is Williamson Bros on Roswell Road. About a mile east of the "Big Chicken".

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        1. Sam and Daves., wins hands down.

          1. another vote for Sam & Daves