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Sacramento taco trucks

I would be most grateful if any Chowhounds familiar with the Sacramento area could list any/all taco trucks that are regularly parked in a particular location - I'm working on a map of all the (mostly) stationary trucks in the region, including menus and reviews, and will be beginning my research this evening. Bonus points if you can recommend specialties, and double bonus points if they are open in the evening.

The only trucks I am certain are open at night and that are quite good is the one on El Camino just off the freeway, and two on Northgate. I think there might be one on Stockton near SF Market, too, but not sure about that.

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  1. Those 2 trucks on Northgate are soooooh great to hit late at night. I think I'll stop by tonight.

    A list of others is a fine idea! 'Can't wait!

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      "late at night"? I was told that since 2002, the city of Sacramento won't let any of them operate after 8 pm. Anyone know for sure?

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        And none of these is open at night. The one at Denios only on the weekend.

    2. There is one in Wilton. On Elk Grove Blvd behind the feed store. My favorite. La Fuenga. I am a taco guy and they are great.

      There is also a good one at Denio's Roseville auction in the parking lot across from the livestock auction.

      And another on South watt at Belvedere (?), by the AM/PM.

      1. Hi Hewn,

        There was one at the Sunday Farmers Market...I don't know if it's there every Sunday. You might check at the local forums. Good luck..I'd like to see this list as well!

        1. Hi Hewn -- there is usually a truck parked in the Thrift Town parking lot, at least during the day, on El Camino, in the Del Paso Heights area. Also, as bennyboy1 mentioned, there is usually at least 1 or 2 trucks down along S. Watt between Folsom and Florin Rds., esp. during lunchtime. I've never tried a truck, so a list would be nice. I am a huge taco fan!

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            Wow, hewn. I feel kinda silly now, but I do remember taking my mother, visiting from Arizona, and my SO to the trucks on Northgate after having an unhappy dinner at a place on J St. It was dark, so I am pretty sure it was after 8PM. But, it was a while ago. I have been to the Northgate trucks several times in the past years, but I acknowledge it has been during the day.

            Again, cannot wait to see your list!

          2. there is one in south sac at 47th and stockton. it's only open during the day and is not consistently there, but it's good.

            1. Hi.. I just found another one this weekend... it's in the Mi Rancho grocery store parking lot at Florin Rd. and 24th St.

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                There is one in the parking lot of Reichmuth Park (Gloria Drive at 43rd Ave) every Sunday morning for the soccer games.

              2. I finally tried the one at the corner of Folsom Blvd. and Jackson Hwy, the Truck says it is Taco de Oro but the menu has a family name that escapes me. Tacos are a buck a piece. I tried the al pastor and carnitas and preferred the al pastor over the carnitas. The marinade/sauce for the al pastor was good, it was a nice foil for the onions, cilantro and radish. The carnitas was too fatty. Went back and tried the lengua tortas. I really enjoyed it, the tongue was the texture of butter. While the sandwich didn't have all the goodies that the more deluxe versions at restaraunts have, it had all the necessary components, fresh bun, good veggies and ample meat. I think it would make a nice stop before going wine tasting in the foothills.

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                  Hey, hewn! I hit the "Max" truck on Northgate last night at about 6:30p. Had my usual lengua and pollo tacos plus a carnitas burrito. But, I ALSO got the boiled CORN . Yummmmmmm!

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                    The name is pedro morales and I think he is still refilling/stored overnight at the ramona catering station. I really miss the truck since tredmill tire mart property owner wont let them stay there no more. a long time ago I have seen them down power inn road close to the train tracks. I kick myself for not getting the phone number on the side of the truck.

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                      any luck finding the Taco De Oro truck? I'm also kicking myself for not getting the phone #. Please help!

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                          I found them! The truck now parks on Florin Perkins and Thys Ct. So stoked to have those delicious tacos back in my life.

                  2. I was at the one at jackson and Sunrise and I gotta tell ya, that one is is good. I can only tell you about the carne asada taco, but these were meaty as hell and were among the tastiest I have tried. His tacos were 1.50 instead of 1.25 or even a buck, but I still like it.

                    1. Couple of updates now that this thread has popped up it's little head;

                      There is truck at El Camino and Ethan. Right on the city/county border. Great tacos. tried the Carnitas and the asada. Unlike most other trucks, these guys let you put the cilantro, onions, hot sauce etc on. Sometimes the sauce overwhelms me when they do it. they also saute the onions and pepers that you get with the tacos. nice touch. 1.25 for tacos, 4 for burritos. No place to sit and parking lot is tight....

                      There is a really good one up in Cameron Park at the Cam park exit, south of the Freeway. More expensive than most, but worth it. Bigger, meatier. excellent food here.

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                        Benny - that truck is called Tres Hermanos and is owned by a great guy named Aurelio. Terrific tacos and they make ceviche (shrimp and fish!) twice a week too. I hired him for a birthday party at our house - parked in the driveway, all you can eat tacos (pick 4 meats from his menu + veggie tacos, beans/rice, and quesadillas) for up to 50 people for $300 flat. He was on time, stayed almost 4 hours, and everyone was very very happy with the food - it was absolutely terrific. We had about 40 people, everyone ate between 3 and 8 tacos, so it ended up being a really good deal. He opened up the ice chest on the side of the truck and we filled it with sodas and had beer/wine inside.

                      2. The taco truck called La Mex Taqueria on Northgate Blvd is open until about 10 p.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends. It's closed Mondays and Wednesdays though.

                        They have tacos, burritos, tortas and a (bigger) supper burrito. The meat selections consists of asada (steak), pollo (chicken), carnitas, lengua, adobada, cabeza, chorrizo, tripa. They also serve ceviche (shrimp, lemon, tomato, cilantro, onion) on a tostada which is delicous as well.

                        Tacos are only $1 there and they are great tasting and authentic. Definitely worth checking out.

                        2650 Northgate Blvd
                        Sacramento, CA 95814