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Aug 17, 2007 02:52 PM

Classic Yonkers Italian- how are they today?

Hi everyone,
I did a search for two Italian restaurants in Yonkers-Spiritoso on McLean and Tombolino on Kimball- and found nothing on either one. These were favorites of my grandparents', some time ago. I am fairly sure they are still in operation- can anyone tell me if they have eaten there (past or present) and what they think? I would love to know how they compare today to 20/25 years ago, when I first ate there. Thanks!

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  1. Spiritoso ...

    Tombolino ...

    Let me preface what I'm about to say with "I still haven't found a replacement yet". Spiritoso was in Mamaroneck near Mamaroneck Avenue before they relocated to Yonkers. They had the absolute best Chicken Scarpariello on the planet. Unfortunately, it never was duplicated after the move. I'm still in search of one that even comes close -- that's how well prepared it was. We're talking about 17 years ago. I really can't comment on the quality of the food nowadays by personal experience, but I've heard both establishments are still favorable.

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      Thanks for the info, Cheese Boy. I was not aware that Spiritoso was ever located in Mamaroneck. I guess these restaurants are none too popular, as there is not one mention of them (aside from this one) on all of chowhound. How can that be? I ate at Tombolino's only about 6 or 7 years ago, and it was very good (then again, certain relatives of mine were regulars and we have always spoken Italian with the owners, which could make a difference- you never know). Thanks again!

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        It's our job to put them in the limelight I suppose. ; ) That's part of what Chowhound is all about -- i.e. giving exposure to those who warrant it.

        I'll try them out for lunch and promise to report back.
        Got my eye on Tombolino. I'll be going there prepared with my best Italian vernacular.

    2. I may be a bit late for a reply but here we go...
      Spiritoso's was reknown for their authentic Italian dishes & family-style dining. Their Yonkers' location has gone under a major renovation: beautiful catering rooms, new inlay foyer, hand-built brick over, new wine storage...AND no more family-style ala carte. Their menu is still very good. In my opinion, you'd have to head to NYC or Queens to find better Italian faire locally (and I say locally because Il Molino is less than 20 miles away as the crow flies but it will take you 45 minutes+ to get there with NYC traffic). The owner has stood firm to keeping his dining rooms classy amidst the ever-growing late-night Irish pub scene taking over McLean Avenue. There was another Mamaroneck location (Trattoria Marietta I think??) which was across from the train station but they sold it after 2 years. I work nearby Spiritoso's in Yonkers & the wife & I eat there 8-10 times a year. Never had a bad experience, service always professional & the food is always spot on.

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        My BFF and our spouses went to Spiritoso's last night to celebrate her upcoming birthday, after movie in Yonkers (they live in Riverdale, we further north so a good in the middle locale). We had a broad array of dishes - carpaccio/arugala salad, calamari appetizers were very good. Caesar and Insalata Spiritoso with great fresh greens, would like both better with less dressing, and they should make the croutons fresh there as they distracted from quality of the Caesar salad. Mussel special appetiser very yummy, as was the langoustine special pasta (a HUGE plate, with great garlicky-white wine sauce. Pastas satisfied - papardelle with chicken/pink sauce and penne with prosciutto/onions and pink sauce. Husband had veal scallopine with a mushrom sauce, yummy potatoes and green beans. Had the tiramisu (they make it there) which was also quite fresh and good, and a cannolli (tasted a tad refridg and rubbering filling). Cappucino's needed another shot of coffee. Red wine of various kinds (I had a Montepulciano) were nice and made for a jolly evening. We'd go back if we were in the neighborhood (we live in Northern Westchester)