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Aug 17, 2007 02:49 PM

Which gift card to use (B'more)?

We're going to dinner on Saturday night for my birthday and thought we'd use one of our gift cards. We have cards to Brasserie Tatin, Ruth's Chris, and Salt. My first inclination is Salt...I was there a few months ago and really enjoyed the food. It irks the hell out me, though, that they don't take reservations. Besides that, the parking sucks.

Based strictly on food (I can get over the annoying idiosyncracies of Salt), which would you pick?

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  1. Some friends of mine did Brasserie Tatin for RW, and thy couldn't stop gushing about it. It seems as though the new chef has done some great things for the place. I look forward to trying it myself.

    I have to say that while I loved Salt a year ago, the bloom is off the rose. Service was just terrible (no bread offered until we saw the table next to us getting some from their server), no recitation of specials, eat and get out mentality--when I was there in May. The duckfat fries and foie gras burger were great, but entrees were meh.

    Ruth's Chris is usually dependable, but that means Inner Harbor on a Saturday...'

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy and report back, whatever you do!

    1. Haven't tried the other two, so can't weigh in on which of the 3 would be best, but we had the opposite experience at Salt. We really hadn't been in almost a year, I would say, and went this week. Better now than before. We did eat at the bar, but had a great meal. My boy remembered the portions as being too small for his taste, but he had some gourmet meatloaf thing, truly enjoyed it, and had left overs. I wasn't that hungry so I had the salad with watermelon and it was yummy. Finished off with the trio of mini ice cream cones - which were lovely. All that said, I think if the non-reservations thing truly annoys you, avoiding a Saturday night would be a good thing.

      1. I agree with you about Salt's no reservation policy. Last time I tried to go it was a Saturday at 5:30. We were told to have a drink at the bar - there will be a 2.5 hour wait. Will I remember eating after drinking at the bar for 2.5 hours? Will I really care about eating after drinking for 2.5 hours? And the parking is really some of the worst for any restaurant in the city. Only go to Salt if it's a weekday evening.

        I went to Brasserie Tatin during last year's RW and I thought it was very mediocre. Maybe the new chef has changed things.

        I would stick with the solid standby of Ruth's Chris.

        1. To quote Jimmy Buffett "Salt! Salt! Salt!" Screw Parking! Take a cab. It's worth the wait!