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Aug 17, 2007 02:25 PM

Yolato anyone?

Has anyone tried Yolato? It's a gelato place located at 168W 27th St. Is it clean? Is it good quality gelato, or does it taste like sorbet or just plain old ice cream?

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  1. Yolato is supposed to be frozen yogurt. They make that confusing, though, by also serving a bunch of gelato. Thier actual product "yolato" is really good if you like plain vanilla yogurt or green tea flavor. Those are the two flavors of "yolato" and are supposedly low fat. But why they're serving high-fat gelato right next to it, I just don't understand. People seem confused and think they're ordering low-fat frozen yogurt in rich flavors like tiramisu and coconut, but they're actually ordering gelato.

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      Who says its supposed to be frozen yogurt? That's one product they sell. I've gotten frozen yogurt, which I prefer to pinkberry, and I've also gotten gelato too. Some of the gelato is made with yogurt and some isn't. What's so confusing?

      1. re: npandela

        Its right by my place on the UWS.. I have tried everything from the Frozen Yogurt to the Gelato.. I think the Gelato is pretty average.. I would liken it to an average ice cream spot.. Flavors are often muted..

        The Yogurt I dont think is as good as Pinkberry.. While the flavors are similar I prefer the texture of Pinkberry.. My girl likes Yolato..

        1. re: Daniel76

          I personally think Flurt yogurt is better than all of these.