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Aug 17, 2007 01:49 PM

Breakfast/coffee spots near Westin

I've thoroughly read the brunch reviews, but have a more basic question: where would one get decent breakfast/coffee near the Westin Magnificent Mile? I know we're in the heart of tourist country, but I'm pregnant and I can't hold out long to get some grub in me in the mornings, regardless of how much of a foodie I am. We're not fast-food people, and I hate getting ripped off at the hotels for eggs and toast.
ALSO...anybody who has been to the Gospel Brunch at the HoB and has a view on it, I'd love to know...

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  1. Your hotel is at 909 N. Michigan Ave.

    Walk 2-3 blocks north, and turn left at Bellevue Place. On that block (22 E. Bellevue, 312-642-7917) is the Original Pancake House. This is not just an ordinary pancake house, but one with outstanding food (excellent coffee, too). Big, fluffy omelets. And the baked apple pancake, with gooey cinnamon, is to die for! If you want something slightly less sweet, the baked German pancake is from the same batter, without the cinnamon/sugar and apples. Great place.

    There's also a Corner Bakery in the 900 N. Michigan Ave. building. ***EDIT*** - See below, this location has closed (thanks for the update, SuzMiCo!).

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      The corner bakery in 900 N. Michigan closed. I was really surprised. However, you can get breakfast in that building. On the 6th floor of the mall is a restaurant called Oak Tree. There are people on this board that hate it, but I really like it. It has all the breakfast standards, plus a wide variety of lunch items (salads, soup, sandwiches).

      Tempo Cafe is also nearby. I'm not an omelette person, but people rave about theirs.

    2. I love Tempo. You could also go up to Food life which serves some sort of breakfast. That is in the Water Tower.

      1. Tempo! Barbara's got it right! Old school Greek diner, totally pro, good fresh fruit. Chestnut and State.

        Milk and Honey, in Bucktown ( a short cab ride). Fresh, natural, New American, wonderful.

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          I assumed from your question that you were only interested in places within a few blocks walk of your hotel. If you're willing to take a cab (or subway) ride, that opens up many, many additional possibilities - the best of which are discussed in the CH topic at

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            Point taken, scratch Milk and Honey.

            The only problem you might have with Tempo is that to get a seat quickly, you've got to show up before about 8:30am on weekends. Once seated, they'll get food to you lickety split.

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              The same (waiting time for seating on weekends) applies to the Original Pancake House.

        2. Thanks for the advice...exactly what I was looking for.

            Ina's on west Randolph is a must for breakfast and lunch! The heavenly (just like pancakes) hots melt in your mouth. Everything is delicious and homemade.

            Wishbone on west Washington for Cajun, Mexican, and Southern inspired breakfast and lunch. Great stuff here!

            LePeep on west Washington is a very good southwestern breakfast chain. Try the Desparado skillet hmmm good!

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              Just so you know - these places on Randolph and Washington are all over a mile from the Westin. As I noted above, if you're willing to take a cab (or subway) ride from the hotel, that opens up all the places discussed in the CH topic at If that's the case, I also recommend Kitsch'n River North, Orange on Harrison, and Bongo Room.