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Aug 17, 2007 01:10 PM

After Show Near Verizon

I'm looking for some suggestions within walking distance from the Verizon center for after show drinks and some "small plates". Any input would be appreciated!!!


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  1. Seems like Zaytinya or Jaleo would be good options for you; both are small-plate/tapas oriented, and very close to the Verizon center

    1. maragaritas and guacamole at Rosa Mexicana is always nice and very convenient

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        Not being a fan of slushy machine margs... I prefer their tequila tastings. At least they do them at the one across from the Lincoln Center in NYC. If they do them here, it is a good way to get sloshed... ooops I mean get an education about that fine spirit

        1. re: elegantelliot

          their pomegranite margaritas are preeeetty tasty...then again so are most things pomegranite flavored

        2. I would say go to Jaleo....I prefer it to Zaytinya. Another suggestion would to be get drinks and some appetizers (including the incredible truffle fries) at Poste.

          If you are looking for something more Latin you can do the same (drinks and appetizers...try the guacomole) at Cafe Atlantico.

          Or you can eat off of the lounge (or regular) menu at PS7. It's not so much small plates but mini versions of great food meant to share(think tuna tartar sliders or mini gourmet red hots and sausages).

          I hear that the small plates at Oya are very good as well. I also like their sushi (although this is a bit more controversial on this board).

          This area has a lot to offer in this department which is nice.

          1. Zengo (7th and H) is another option. What time is your show? Keep in mind many of the restaurants' kitchens close by midnight. Some may serve after then but tend ot have limited selection.