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Aug 17, 2007 12:56 PM

Italian in Sacramento?

Does anybody know of a good Italian place in the Sacremento area? I am thinking of a dinner place to go to and catch up with an old friend.

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    1. If you happen to be in the Cameron Park area, Papa Gianni's is wonderful especially the red basil scampi pasta dish. Nice atmosphere too.

      1. Downtown: Biba. Pricey, but great. Sacs A-1 place.

        Espanol on Folsom Blvd at 65th. Old school Italian, family style.
        West Sac: Club Pheasant. Again old school Italian, pretty good and reasonable.

        My favorite is in grnite Bay: Granitos; heavy on the garlic. menu changed accoding to what is avaiable. A samll, I mean small, Tratorria. the cook (lester) is a gas, sometimes abrasive but he is awesome.
        Lakeside Liquors next door with wine tasting on Friday and Sat night.

        Folsom: My Brotehr Vinny's. really good, nto much lvoe here but I ahve always enjoyed my meals here, Old town Folsom, Sutter Street.

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          Spataro at 14th. & l st. a beautiful restaurant serving true italian.large airy dining room. a beautiful bar serving great drinks.Kurt Spataro who is Chef/Owner is Italian and spent a lot of time in Italy in different restaurants fine tuning his skills.true Italian food with great service and reasonable choice in Sacramento.

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            I second Spataro's..but love Biba as well.

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              I dunno about Spataro's. I was there 6 or 7 weeks ago, and it had the mark of "The owner isn't here tonight" all over it. Lots of small things (lipstick on my wineglass BEFORE I got there,) some other service issues (we arrived on time for our reservation, but still had to wait in the bar for 30 minutes,) kitchen was out of one of the apps we ordered, but they didn't tell us for about 10 minutes after we ordered--nothing huge, but certainly not great. I've been there a couple of times before and things were much better, so it could have been an off night, but it sure felt like service was slipping from several different points. Food was great, though!

          2. Another casual option beside Espanol's (which is good old-fashioned, family stye... love the chicken parmigian!) is Serritella's in Carmichael. Also, kind of traditional with large portions. Have both pasta and pizza. Cafe Milazzo in E. Sac. is also nice and intimate place.

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              I love the bread sticks at Seritellas. good food too.