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Aug 17, 2007 12:14 PM

Omakase at Sushi of Gari

Can you tell me what comes on the omakase at gari? I have heard about the salmon with roasted tomato and the tuna with creamy tofu but can anyone tell me the other pieces/sauces you have had before. Thanks.

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  1. Let me try and find a post of mine for you with our favorites - usually I end up not finding it and reposting - but I'll try!

    Found one:

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        Good - there may be some other items in that thread that aren't on my list - the chopped eel comes to mind!

    1. it's been a while for me but i recall some of the following:

      a white fish topped with a crunchy lotus root/microgreen salad (my favorite)
      oyster topped with a shallot vinaigrette
      seared toro dripping in its own fat
      seared Spanish mackerel

      there's more but those were particular highlights along with the salmon with tomato which was awesome.