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Aug 17, 2007 12:14 PM

Fried Oreos

Went to the local city festival and saw a sign for fried oreos. Could not bring myself to try one, but oddly am now having a craving to taste one. I remember some time ago they were frying twinkies - never tried one either. Not sure if it is a regional thing, but also saw fried pickles. What else is being battered and fried these days?

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  1. Snickers bars... any candy bar actually, cheesecake, Hostess cupcakes... I wish I could find a fried pickle - yum!!! I probably would have tried the Oreo myself.

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    1. re: wino22

      Oh My Stars, I've recently tried a Fried Pickle for the first time...if you like pickles and you like fried things, you'll LOVE 'Em...
      As for the oreos, twinkie, and snickers, I'm in the same boat..haven't hat the desire to try them...however, if it were winter I probably would...nothing grosses me out more than eating fried food in the hot sun and it's always hot and sunny at a fair...what's up with that...ugg.

      1. re: tatertotsrock

        I've fried dill pickles using this recipe, and they were delicious!

        Caveats--I needed more beer than the recipe calls for to make the batter, and it helped to dry the pickle slices thoroughly and dredge them in flour before battering.

        (I also tried frying Twinkies, in a plain batter. They were vile.)

        1. re: MsMaryMc

          Crap! No deep fryer to make those at home. I'm in the Seattle area... any idea where to get a fried pickle? I wonder if 'barleywino' would know...

    2. When I was in college there was a local restaurant that had fried oreos served with a fudge sauce. It was a big hit among the college crowd. Tried it once, not bad, but not worth having again, mainly beacause it was very sweet and very deep fried...ugh, makes my gut cringe just thinking about it. I did fry up some zucchini blossoms in a beer batter and stuffed with goat cheese the other day. Actually quite tasty on a salad.

      1. They do this at Cactus Blue here in Bonaire. I had some..he makes some sweet batter, deep fries them and serves with chocolate sauce and rich vanilla ice cream. It's sinful.

        1. There's a restaurant here in Montreal (Garde Manger in Old Montreal) that serves up a deep fried Mars Bars and it appears to be a popular item......

          1. I had them in Vegas along with fried twinkies. The twinkies were delicious: like a fluffy, crispy funnel cake with a deliciously warm creamy center. The oreos were not so, they were mushy things, like somehow had fried up a chewed up oreo; not sure if it was the way the place prepared it or if oreos just can't take the heat.

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            1. re: digkv

              Those were how the ones at my local fair were as well. They just become a oily mess and don't taste all that great. I'd say stick to the good ol' funnel cake.