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Aug 17, 2007 12:13 PM

A great meal for one vegetarian and two carnivores?

Open to all cuisines, and would like to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-$75 per person, not including drinks. We're flexible on everything except the quality of food, which should be excellent. Thanks!

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    1. Devi is our favorite Indian restaurant. Superb cuisine served in a grand space with unique, elegant decor. You can choose from the a la carte menu, or you can do the tasting dinners ($60pp), one of which is vegetarian.

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          These are great suggestions--thanks so much!

        2. How about Alta. My closest vegetarian friend and I always dine there when we're looking for equality of options. The tapas is wonderful, and some of the vegetarian options (the brussel sprouts) are better than the meats!

          1. I have a vegetarian friend who was very well accomodated at Eleven Madison Park.

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              Thanks again--all of these fantastic suggestions will be put to good use!