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Aug 17, 2007 12:01 PM

Old Style (60’s) Diners In TO?

Anyone know of any old style (60’s) diners in Toronto?

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  1. Penrose Fish n' Chips is still in it's original 1960's glory.

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    1. re: dautcalm

      I would have to say that Donlands Restaurant at Donlands and O'Connor would qualify. They have the old style hot roast beef, mashed and peas...that type of fare. Nightly specials too. The food is good but we really only go for breakfasts.

    2. Mars Diner at College and Bathurst is the real deal. Mind you, it's definitely showing its age and the food is hit and miss at best. Go for the experience, not for the meal. :)

      1. Gale's Snack Bar on Eastern at Carlaw is certainly a blast from the past. Here's a thread about it.

        1. Vesta Lunch at Dupont east of Bathurst. Used to hang out there in the late 60'sand early 70's. Hasn't changed a bit since.

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          1. re: ishmael

            I love the Vesta, but to me, it's technically a lunch counter, and not a diner. A diner has to have booths, IMHO.

          2. I forget the precise name (Avenue Diner?) on Davenport just west of Avenue Road.