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Aug 17, 2007 11:56 AM

Good Italian for my birthday

Hi folks,

I'm coming home to Manhattan for my birthday next weekend, and would like to go for some really delicious Italian food. It can be expensive and it should be in Manhattan. I've been to Babbo and loved it, except for the loud music, if that gives you an idea of my preferences.



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  1. Expensive: Del Posto
    Medium: Il Cortile (esp. Pasta!)
    Inexpensive: Malatesta Trattoria

    1. I love Del Posto and, of course, (I know its cheesy) Il Mulino.

      1. Fiamma in Soho...Fine food, wonderful environment...Also, try the (very under the radar) Piano Due in mid-town at the Equitable Building. I'm tired of seeing the standard Batali spots here.. There are many other wonderful Italian spots in the city.

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        1. I'm really fond of Maurizio on West 13th --