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Aug 17, 2007 11:33 AM

Pho Ga, duck leg noodle soup, etc.

A discussion of a few Vietnamese dishes in Toronto went on a number of tangents and was moved to General Topics here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/429392 . So I'm bringing the discussion back here, making it more Toronto specific and to address my own curiosity. Essentially, which Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto would you say has the best:

1. Pho Ga (pho with chicken) - as with the original post, the use of white meat would be of interest. I hear Sai Gon Palace uses white meat. I know dark meat is arguably more authentic since most Vietnamese people I know prefer it.

2. Pho Tai - pho with rare beef

3. Duck leg noodle soup - of which there are a few varieties. Kim on St. Andrew St. is my current favourite, with a seasoned, fried (or braised/roasted?) duck leg. My opinion of Pho Phuong’s can be found through the link above.

4. Spring rolls – I’d be particularly interested in knowing where to get Vietnamese-style spring rolls without taro.

5. Bun Rieu – bun in a rich broth with crab paste.

6. Family or banquet style dishes – the kind where everyone shares from the same plate, like at a Chinese restaurant. I’ve only ever eaten this way at a Vietnamese restaurant at Peach Garden and Saigon Star, when they both had a Mississauga location. Both were excellent.

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  1. Bun Rieu is the best at Green Bamboo located at Midland and Sheppard

    1. I like the curry crab at Saigon Star ! It is delicious, it is sth like $30 per crab. Family style dishes probably Saigon Star the best ? But I would not eat any noodles there ...

      I am interested in finding Pho Tai with consistent tender beef and nice soup in Toronto ?