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Jan 31, 2006 04:24 PM

Menlo Park/Palo Alto's Finest

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I am looking for a really nice shwanky restaurant in the Menlo Park/Palo Alto area to impress some folks coming into town. I'm thinking Mediterranean, Spanish, or Frenchy Asian Fusion - something that will blow their socks off! ThAnks!

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  1. It's not very blow-your-socks-off around here:). However, I'd suggest Woodside Pub if they like classic and are a little older or are Republicans. If they like Greek Evvia is good.

    If you wanted to blow their socks off with incredibly delicious and authentic Chinese food come the 20 minutes north and take them to Joy. Order from the CHinese menu (people here can give you recommendations). Lion's Head soup, hand cut noodles, soybeans and mustard greens, small diced tofu with hot peppers, pork leg baked under fat and sauce over bok choy - sooo tender -, Tawainese pot stickers, "A" vegetable, dumplings in hot oil....delicious.

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      Thanks A toN - SucH a Big help

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        Green Party Diner

        "or if they're Republicans?" Huh...what's up with that statement? Is the implication that Democrats don't appreciate fine dining, white tablecloths and Reidel stemware? Or possibly because its located in an area known for incubating the entrepreneurial spirit, that only Republicans are welcome? Perhaps we should declare SOMA as the green restaurant area and the financial distict as the red?

        In a business where profit margins are razor thin, lets not advocate choosing our restaurants based on allegiance to a particular political party. I guess the PC initials in your name don't stand for politically correct.

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          I think it's more to describe the atmosphere at Woodside Pub - staid.

      2. I like Tamarine for contemporary Vietnamese. Kinda like Straits, but much better.

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          I agree on Tamarine. It is also one of the few places in this area that feels urban - kind of has a buzz to it. Music, ambience, cocktails, etc.

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            Agree on tamarine. One of the best restaurants on the peninsula, with many choices in higher end vietnamese cuisine, great wine list, high end service. And, it's right in downtown PA.

            1. re: grubber

              how are the prices at tamarine? and whats to order and what to expect at this modern vietnamese dinnner house? Can it be compared to the distant cousin - - -slanted door at the Ferry buidling? (btw, I heard the SD employs close to 180 staff, is the restaurant that grand?)

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                Prices are comparable to the SD, food is superior. I love the honey roasted quail and I recently had a snapper dish and hoisin lamb chops. Ask for some extra chili if you like the chops a little spicy.

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            if you like Tamarine, then you should try Vung Tau , same owner, similar menu and cheaper...


          3. Spago, Palo Alto. Marche, Menlo Park.

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              Ditto on Marche. Outstanding.

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                Ditto on Marche. Outstanding.

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                  I have a well-heeled friend who just loves to go to Spago's and immerse himself in the Silicon Valley Movers and Shakers See-and-be-seen ambience.

                  So far, we haven't seen the superstar likes of Steve Jobs there, but it wouldn't surprise us if we did.

                2. Swanky? Tamarine or Spago come to mind in Palo Alto. You can't beat Wolfgang Puck and Tamarine has that fusion blend plus it's one of the newer restaurants in the area.

                  1. Kaygetsu - order the Kaiseki, it is a traditional japanese banquet, made of the seasons freshest food, presented beautifully in like 9 courses. nothing like it elsewhere.

                    if your people don't eat raw, just tell them and they can accommodate.