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Lunch Ideas neer Deer Valley Airport - Phx

I am running out of ideas for lunch near 19th Ave and Deer Valley road. There are a ton of chains around, including Logans Steakhouse, Olive Garden (opening soon), L&Ls Hawaiian BBQ, Shane's Rib Shack, and various fast food. I would like to keep recommendations to a 10 mile radius (which would allow us to get there and back in a reasonable amount of time for lunch).

We have also eaten at the Deer Valley Airport restaurant, which was surprisingly good. Had the meatloaf platter, which was delicious, and a very hearty portion. The atmosphere was very fun, with all the aeronautical themed things (including the airplanes taking off outside the window). It wasn't a culinary experience, but a pretty good experience overall.

Anything else I might be missing in the area? I am very adventurous (and would love to find a good Asian restaurant), but some of my co-workers might be less so (more "Meat and Potatoes" type people).

There are a few deli's on Deer Valley Road ("Full Belly Deli", and something like "NY Bagel". Also a chicken place, I can't remember the name of (but it is something like "Chicken House").

Anyway, I am fishing for experiences (good or bad) in the area, so I can expand my horizons during lunch. Is there anything unique in this area that I should discover?

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  1. How far north, south, east, or west are you willing/able to go?

    1. Boog, I work at Deer Valley and 2nd ave, so I know what you're talking about. Here are some of my close-by go-to's.
      -The gyro place on 19th ave and Union Hills, SW corner.
      -Roberto's mexican at 7th ave and Union Hills. It's actually inside the Shell station on the SE corner, but it's a full sit-down place, and they make to order.
      -Krua Thai on Bell and 16th st has great lunch specials, and the curry's pretty good.
      -NY Bagel's pretty good.

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        I like Chicago Gyro (and my boss does too, so that would earn me bonus brown nose points).

        Krua Thai is our goto Thai place for dinner (since we live very close).

        Roberto's Mexican seems a little iffy (just the whole gas station thing), but a few other people have good things to say, so I suppose I will have to give it a go. I have never been in the place, so I certainly can't judge.

        hohokam - I would like to stay within 10 miles, in each direction.

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          Yeah, I was put off by the gas station setting too, but a bunch of co-workers order from there regularly, and there always very happy. I tried the al pastor plate last time, and it was really tasty.

      2. There's a place called Bistas Deli on 16th Ave and Happy Valley. Don't really know too much about it.

        1. I work at 19th & Pinnacle Peak, and have not found any unique places for lunch. Dagwoods (23rd ave & Pinnacle Peak) has pretty good sandwiches, I would recommend the turkey melt. There is also a good Mexican place in the complex just south of Taco Bell. Other than that, I have not found anything in the area worth recommending.

          1. Went to Manual's Mexican restaurant on 11th Ave and Bell for lunch today. It was pretty good.

            Very good chips and salsa, and my co-workers were very happy with the "Pollo Especial". I got the Taco Salad, which was nice. Very flavorful chicken.

            Manuel's Mexican
            Phoenix, AZ, USA, Phoenix, AZ

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              I have heard about, but not tried The Other Q Bar and Grill on 19th Ave.
              Heard they have some great Seafood specials....and to try the Walleye

              Other Q Bar & Grill
              20818 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

            2. Got a bagel from NY Bagel for breakfast this morning. The place was clean, and fairly busy (which are 2 big pluses in my book). Bagel with Veggie Cream cheese was only OK. It was large, and had too much cream cheese (some people might think this is a good thing). I also thought it was fairly expensive. I might try their lunch sometime, but it looked a little pricey.

              NY Bagel
              Phoenix, AZ, USA, Phoenix, AZ

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                It looks that way, but all the sandwiches include a bag of chips and a drink in the price.

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                  That makes it better. Thanks for the info.

                  I know that a good sandwich can be somewhat pricey, so I am not knocking the place for their prices (and it looks like they use Boars Head meats, which makes their raw materials expensive to them).

                  I just can't afford to eat expensive meals for lunch very often. This will have to be a special treat place some day (if I hear that it is worthy).

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                    Try Chino Bandido. It is at 19th Ave and Greenway, NW corner. It is a funky place. You order you food at the counter and create you own combo plate. Basically you choice the 2 entrees (out of 14) and 2 sides. My favorite is carnitas/jerk chicken with bean and rice. If you go there on weekday lunch time, go there early or late. It is quite busy and you might not be able to find a table.

                    www. chinobandido.com

              2. Here are some Asian places to try:

                Abacus Inn
                20329 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308

                Touch of Thai
                16816 N 35th Ave Ste 13, Phoenix, AZ 85053

                Pho Avina
                4920 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306

                Takamatsu Restaurant
                4214 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

                Indian Maharaja Palace
                5775 W Bell Rd Ste 5, Glendale, AZ 85308

                1. L&L's is actually quite good. How's Shane's Rib Shack?
                  I just started working in this area and we definitely need more lunch options.

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                    I could eat L&L every day (and have it at least once a week). Shane's is pretty good. I had their "signature" pulled pork sandwich. It is a load of meat, piled high on top of buttered Texas toast. I thought it was pretty good, but nothing awe-inspiring. Their BBQ sauces are pretty good (and they put huge bottles of it on each table, so you can smother your food with as much as you want - which is a good thing). It is a decent alternative for something different, but nothing to put into regular rotation. They have big portions, and I took half my sandwich home.

                    If you want BBQ, I would head to Logan's Roadhouse in the parking lot just to the west of Shane's. It is a sit down place, and is basically the same price (maybe $1 more expensive per entree). They have good yeast rolls, and peanuts in the shell to throw on the floor. Got a chicken entree today, that was pretty good. My co-workers swear by the burger there. My coworker thought their beans tasted like Chile (not in a good way), I personally didn't find the taste off-putting.

                    1. re: Booger

                      Hmmmm ... I've never had the BBQ at Logan's but I'm going to go ahead and disagree.

                      Shane's is really, really good IMO. I also get the pulled pork sandwich but I get the one with cole slaw on it and man - talk about good. The mac & cheese as a side with a little BBQ sauce squirted in it and either the baked beans or the brunswick stew - mmm, mmm ... and I'm in heaven.

                      I will agree that Logan's do have good yeast rolls ( but then again - it's only bread ) and the " Kickin' Logan's Chickin' Salad " is pretty good. But for good BBQ, Shane's Rib Shack is mighty tasty.

                      1. re: Booger

                        Tried Shane's finally - I got the same sandwich. A bit dry, but good flavor. The mac & cheese was standout, though.

                        I just realized which Mexican place you guys have been talking about. We go to Roberto's a couple times a month - great food, never disappoints (I've never been in there, as a caveat)

                        Finally tried L&L's seafood combo - really good.

                      2. re: andrewkfromaz

                        I also tried Shane's recently and it was pretty good. I ordered the smothered pork sandwich with fries, but recieved the "Big Dad" sandwich instead. The pork was good, but it was even better with a liberal amount of BBQ sauce. However, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of it being served on Texas toast. I also sampled the chopped BBQ chicken sandwich and wasn't impressed. The chicken was pretty dry and flavorless. It desperately needed a lot of BBQ sauce. Both my dining partner and I prefered the "Big Dad" sandwich over the chicken. On the other hand, I do have to disagree with the other posters, I did not like the mac n cheese at all. I can't recall specifically what I didn't like about it, but what I tried wasn't anything I'd want again.

                        Shane's Rib Shack
                        2501 W Happy Valley Rd#50-1280, Phoenix, AZ

                      3. I'm also going to throw in Hana Sushi on 7th ave and Union Hills. Cute place, good service, good-not-great food.

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                          Had lunch there yesterday - very nice people. Sushi was solid, nothing very creative or outstanding, but was nice. Only problem was speed - single sushi chef with probably seven tables active, so it took probably 30 minutes almost to get our two rolls and maguro. The fish was all good, fresh, well temperatured. Even gave me the little corner piece of the maguro as a capper. Dang lemon on it, though - hate when they do that!

                        2. Try the Express Deli at Deer Valley and ~21st ave. Their prices are fair and their food is good. They have a great couple of salads that include more lettuce than the usual ice berg. Their sandwiches are 'train themed' and they can deliver. My office orders from them once every 2 weeks or so and they have always been quick. Good Luck

                          1. Just ate at Jo Jo's Pizza, and it was pretty good. Cheap lunch special of 2 slices, and a coke for less than 5 bucks.

                            My coworkers were pretty happy with some of the non-pizza items they got, so I feel pretty good putting out a recommendation. Wings looked reasonably good, and salads looked fresh, with lots of fixins.

                            It is next to the Safeway at Pinnacle Peak, and 39th Ave.

                            Jo Jo's Pizza & Family Rstrnt
                            23425 N 39th Ln # 110, Glendale, AZ