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Aug 17, 2007 11:10 AM

Best Place to Buy Seafood In Asheville?

We loved Mirimar Seafood Makket on Hendersonville Road, but they closed a while back. I just had a bad experience purchasing from Earth Fare (mushy shrimp..ew) and am now on the hunt for the best place to buy seafood here in town. We were really spoiled with Mirimar, I think. Such a shame. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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  1. Ingles on Merrimon in N. Asheville uses the same seafood supplier as Fresh Market across the street.

    1. check out the tailgate markets. Namely the one on Wednesday near the food co-op downtown. There is a guy who brings fresh seafood from the coast.

      1. Which EF location? I always had good luck with the Westgate location. Where ever you go, get to know the people. Ask when shipments come in, how to special order, where its from. EF Westgate was always great at that & the few times I wasn't happy they took care of it.

        fyi: for trout you can go directly to Sunburst. Can't get any fresher in WNC!

        1. I have been very pleased with the fish I've bought at Greenlife on Merrimon. They are a little pricey, but the fish is very fresh.

          1. Check out Blue Water Seafood in Hendersonville. 25 mins. down the road, but incredibly fresh and friendly.