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Aug 17, 2007 10:58 AM

Mama Roux's in Cromwell CT is closing


I had my heart set on getting Mama Roux's excellent pulled pork sandwich today. It turns out that they are closing! We spoke to someone there, she said that this Saturday/Sunday will be the last days.

I asked what happened; she didn't really know, had no contact with the owner. Strange and sad.

  1. That's really too bad! I only made it there once and had really hoped to return. Without that or O'Rourkes breakfast in that area will have a serious void.

    1. Wow. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. I had a nice breakfast with the sweet potato home fries. It was almost at capacity. Mar-Shall's, the restaurant in that space previous had the best corned beef hash and was crowded whenever I was there. What is it about that place?

      1. My wife and I went over to Cromwell to visit Mama Roux's Kitchen for lunch today at about 1 PM. (Sunday, Aug 19th.) We were quite surprised to find the door was locked.

        We've been fans of Mama Roux's Kitchen for a few years now. Being Southerners and living here in Connecticut for the past 27 years, we were delighted to find a place that had some of the dishes we'd grown up with, and many different, interesting and delicious variants of classic cuizine. No place is perfect, but the friendly, casual atmosphere and friendly staff did their best to make it as good an experience as they could. The owner, Kim Fong, is alway friendly and brought a creative touch to the menu.

        I'm so sad to hear of the place's closing. My wife and I both (not having previously been frequent coffee drinkers) both loved her coffee, and would buy pre-packaged beans from there so we could enjoy it daily.

        We'll really miss Mama Roux's Kitchen. In my experience, its menu and specials are not available anywhere else in Connecticut.

        Here's hoping that Kim Fong and her staff do well wherever they go.

        Rod and Rhonda Lane

        1. I am SHOCKED to hear this. This place is one of the best in the area. Sorry to hear this. Jay

          1. This does stink, but if you've already travelled to the area, Melilli's on the other side of the train tracks on Main St. Cromwell, has a pretty good breakfast, clean environment and very nice servers. It's no Mama Roux's as far as unique cuisine, but it is way better and generous than most diners and other breakfast places around here.