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Portland cheap eats

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I'm SO excited to go to Portland next month. I'm looking for the best cheap eats. Any ethnicity, seafood, burgers, pizza, bbq...whatever.....I'll eat it!

I'll be there to enjoy 2 dinners, 3 lunches and 3 breakfasts and tons of snacks!

I've heard great things about Apizza Scholls......any thoughts?

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  1. Is that the one on "No Reservations"?

    1. Try searching this forum as there have been lots of similar requests recently.

      For example, if you enter "Apizza Scholls" into the search above you get: http://www.chow.com/search?search%5Bq...

      1. Apizza is wonderful, but don't forget Ken's Artisan Pizza.

        For chocolate, hopefully she'll still have single-origin chocolate soda along with the handmade truffles: http://www.wweek.com/story.php?story=...

        India Chaat House on SW 12 & Yamhill. Get the lunch special, $5 enough for two. All veg.

        Go to the Portland Farmers' Market, get the baked goods roasted by Tastebud Farms.

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          Ken's is indeed great -- so good that we regularly drop like $70 there for two people, which ain't exactly cheap! But if you restrain yourself the pies are $12-14 (and generally feed one person unless you also get an app or salad).

          Here's some suggestions that get a little less mention than the usual suspects:

          Tributes in NW has great east-coast Italian sandwiches for 7 bucks or so (I recommend the roast pork, eggplant parm, and sausage & peppers).

          The Moon and Sixpence is good for a classic English pub dinner, while Concordia Ale House is more American pub food and has been good in the past (although I believe they just changed ownership, so things may have changed -- it's still gonna be a good place to grab a beer).

          "Real BBQ" nazis trash Clay's Smokehouse since they braise some of their meats, but they make some tasty food.

          You can eat quite well and relatively cheaply for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Navarre (Spanish-esque) if you order correctly -- they do great things with seasonal produce and have a large specials menu, all available as small plates for 4-6 bucks.

        2. There's a food cart at the big food cart ghetto at 5th and Pine called Thai Sky--nice curries for lunch. Out on the east side (82nd street) try Malay Satay house, Bun Bo Hue, and Bahn Cuon Tan Dinh. Apizza Scholls is amazing, but not on the cheap eats list. I second India Chaat House. A longstanding middle eastern favorite is Nicholas Restaurant on Grand (a couple of blocks south of Burnside).

          1. If you're in N. Portland, definitely check out the Mexican trailer at Killingsworth and Denver. If you're downtown near Portland State, check out Taste of India on 4th a few blocks S of Mill.

            Go to wweek.com and do a search for Cheap Eats. They do a whole insert on it each year, and it's probably accessible online.