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Aug 17, 2007 10:21 AM

Uptown Food Delivery

Hi guys,
I'm searching for a few restaurants that offer delivery service in the Uptown/Garden District Area aside from the chain pizza places. I know Italian Pie will deliver but I recently had a less than pleasant experience with them and prefer to avoid them for a while.
If you get delivery in this area, please tell me. All food types welcome.


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  1. Mona's on Carrollton and Mikimoto.

    1. Roman Pizza is great and great prices, 5 happiness delivers, Figaro's on maple, Roly Poly. I didn't know Mona's or mikimoto delivered... I always did take out from them.

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      1. re: malenky

        Ohhh thx a bunch. I love Mona's but I had no idea they delivered :)
        Thank you both!

        1. re: Annasta

          Go here and then select Tulane:


          Campus Menus has by far the most comprehensive list of delivery places. Look for the car symbol. They have full menus for each venue as well.

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          There are also a few other Chinese places that deliver that used to put flyers all over Tulane's campus and residence halls. Chinese-American Cafe, Red Star... Five Happiness is probably considered the best of these, though.

          I do believe that little World's Healthiest Pizza delivers, but I have yet to try it. Anyone have any info on this place?

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            Haven't tried it, but a coworker told me it tasted healthy. In NOLA, that's NOT high praise. The Dough Bowl delivers--pizza, burgers, wraps,etc.

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              Regenilli's delivers, which I only learned recently.

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              I tried World's Healthiest Pizza a couple of days ago and thought it was pretty good. The crust felt a little denser then normal pizza, but otherwise it was spot on. They have all kinds of coupons and deals on their webpage which are also helpful for fellow broke students

          2. NY pizza on magazine-delivery takes a while but worth it

            1. Cote' Sud delivers pizza, I assume you could get other things off the menu as well (the rest of the menu is french bistro type stuff) though I've never done that. This is my favorite pizza.

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                do you know their hours? it seems like every time I pass by, and that is quite often, they are closed. Thanks

                1. re: malenky

                  Open at 6 for dinner only, closed Mon and Tues, I think. Good Sunday option! We've ended up there more than once on a Sunday.

                  1. re: JGrey

                    thank you... I think it is mostly tuesday when I pass, so that is probably why.