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Aug 17, 2007 10:19 AM

What sauce would your recommend for grilled asparagus?

Made or store bought? Home made Hollondaise is too tough for me...

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  1. I would go with simply lemon juice and some S/P. So good. I also like to make "garlic chips": to serve with aspargus ( and broccoli, too). I slice up lots of garlic cloves, and fry til crispy on some OO and S/P.

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      same here... olive oil, S/P and lemon juice. my kids love it, and they are picky as well when it comes to vegetables.

    2. My favorite is no sauce, just shred some parmesan cheese over the grilled asparagus. Maybe squeeze some lemon over it too.

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      1. re: ESNY

        Second the parmesan and lemon, and sometimes a few toasted pine nuts. I especially like a raw milk parm that Whole Foods carries.

        I also like a drizzle of balsamic instead of lemon, but my hubby doesn't.

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          I too like the spritz of lemon juice and toasted pine nuts. I also like to shred some fresh basil with it. Lovely!

        2. I like to dip in good balsamic vinegar.

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            Yum-I do a reduced balsamic that I have simmered on the stove until it gets thick and a bit more sweet.
            Also enjoy it with thin shards of parm or manchego (sp) cheese. Drizling some balsamic over this would be extra good.

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              Why ruin great grilled asparagus with a sauce? The flavor is so delicate to begin with just some grey/pink sea salt and call it a day!- You have to peal the asparagus 1st- hate the stringy stalks when they are not pealed.

            2. I agree that you really don't need any sauce if they are grilled, but that being said, this Barefoot Contessa shallot sauce is excellent on asparagus as well as string beans (which the recipe calls for).

              I have even made the sauce a day ahead and reheated it in the microwave.


              1. I don't suppose you'd feel up to the challenge of making a homemade mayonnaise? All you need is a food processor (or a whisk and a strong arm).. it's super-easy!


                The only thing that's better than plain grilled asparagus hot off the grill is cold grilled asparagus with a thin mayo (the real stuff, not Hellman's).

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                  Have you tried the immersion blender method of making mayo? So long as you take care to add ingredients to the jar in the right order it makes perfect no sweat mayo quick and easy every time: