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Aug 17, 2007 10:16 AM

Glasgow restaurant ideas for a family with children and discerning palate !

My sister is going to Glasgow next week with her children aged 7&5 , and wants to book some great restaurants for them all in the evenings. Im thinking no more than about £70 at most for the meal inc a drink as the children may share an adult portion. They like Italian , French, & Japanese. They have booked Ubiquitos chip however so far. They need 3 more places !!

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  1. Also , which Wilow tea room to go to ??? They both seem lovely.

    1. I like the Chip. Good choice.

      Rococo might hit it for your French/Italian theme (


      There's a Cafe Ostra at the Italian Centre, 15 John Street - which I guess must be Italian. It's listed in the Good Food Guide but I have no personal experience.

      1. hello
        Stravaigin on Gibson St is my favourite place to eat, the menu chages often and I think the food is excellent. They also let kids eat for free on Sat and Sunday I think they have to be under 8?