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Aug 17, 2007 10:06 AM

Hudson River Park BBQ & Blues Question?

Has anyone been to this festival before? Are the lines like the Big Apple BBQ or worse? Also - do they serve beer? Thanks

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  1. wondering about this too--how mobbed does it get?

    1. i bet it won't be that crazy; its all local places like brother jimmie's, dinosaur, dallas jones and mara's. dallas jones is pretty good and I've heard good things about mara's so this would be good as a sampler but it's also easily sampled at their city locations at any time.

      1. I'll be there even though I had ribs at Blue Smoke last night. Don't miss Eddie 'the chief" Clearwater and Michael Burks (I like blues almost as much as 'cue).

        1. Had a half a rack of ribs and a pulled pork sandwich from Dinosaur. fantastic with wango tango sauce. The Guiness beer was perfectly poured. The pulled pork sandwich with Arkansas bbq sauce from Mara's was also very good. Eddie "the Chief" Clearwater kicked ass as did Diyuna Greenleaf and Michael Burks. Blues, beer and bbq = heaven.