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Aug 17, 2007 09:41 AM

Nice brunch near deYoung

I'm looking for a spot near the deYoung to take a friend for a birthday brunch tomorrow morning. Normally I would just pick up some dim sum, but as this is a celebration i thought something a little more upscale. Thinking a price range of 15-20 p/p and mimosas would be nice!

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  1. What I've considered so far:
    park chow- I've eaten at the Castro one and didn't love it, is this location better?
    Q-mixed reviews?
    Zazie- a bit far but would consider it if it's good.
    Opinions on these choices, other recs perhaps one step up in food and atmosphere quality?

    1. One idea I'd consider is the Alembic on Haight. It's a bar setting, but with very good food. And you'd be guaranteed to get an excellent mimosa or other cocktails. They open at noon - don't know how that works with your timing.

      1725 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

      1. Park Chow is OK. I'm not a fan of Q.

        I went to Namu recently for lunch and really enjoyed it. They have delicious mango mimosas too. It's on Balboa between 4th & 5th Avenue.

        1. I like Park Chow. But another option is Chouchou on Dewey near Laguna Honda hospital and Forest Hill metro station.

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            Chouchou seems to be pretty far from the DeYoung to me. (not that I am a big fan anyway).

          2. Where did you end up? How was it?

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              Well we ended up just going the picnic route with some fancy salads, cheese and a nice rose from whole foods. But thanks all for your reccos, will keep Namu and pj oyster house in mind for the future!