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Aug 17, 2007 09:18 AM

Huron Village Fishmonger?

I passed by a place called "The Fishmonger" in Huron Village today and didn't have time to stop and take a look. Anyone know about this place?

I've been going to the Fresh Pond Whole Foods and Courthouse Seafood, but I'd rather find a more personal spot to buy fresh fish than WF and something more conveniently located than Courthouse (I live near Davis Sq.).

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  1. I haven't gone to the fishmonger in quite a while, but its not a bad spot. In particular, one nice feature is they always seem to stock rock shrimp (widely available wholesale, but not often retail). They also have frozen fish stocks, a recipe card file, etc. The owner, hasn't seemed to pay it as much attention in the last few years and the helpers can be someone inconsistent. I consider it convenient and an improvement over WF, but doesn't compare to Courthouse.

    Have you tried Captain Boston in Medford at the corner of Harvard St and Main. They do a lot of wholesale sushi, but sell a lot of normal seafood. In the past they had things in the back cooler which weren't displayed, although in the current larger space I am not certain they have as much non-displayed items. Their communication appears to be getting better, but can occasionally be difficult (they are Korean).

    Also there is Globe Fish at some of the farmers markets, you can even order ahead.

    1. The best thing about shopping at the Fishmonger is that you can also go to Fromaggio Kitchen right next door, which is off the charts fabulous.

      I haven't bought fish there recently, but stopped in to grab some fish stock one day a month or so ago. I have to say that I was surprised, given their location right next to FK, that they didn't have more unusual offerings. Seems like they might be missing an opportunity to distinguish themselves a bit.

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      1. re: ljw7

        How was the fish stock? I'm hankering for some fish chowder soon, and would love to have a quick stock ready-made.

        1. re: bear

          I ended up mixing it with a quart from my local shop so I can't be too specific, but it seemed fine.

      2. I think it's a little expensive, but some of the fish can be of good quality. The hours are a little short for me though so I always end up elsewhere.

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        1. re: gini

          How does it compare to WH price-wise?

          1. re: bear

            Stopped by both places this weekend. WH(River St) might be slightly less expensive for some fish and it definitely has a better variety than the Fishmonger.