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Aug 17, 2007 09:03 AM

Taco Truck at La Brea and Olympic

I'm almost never on the Eastside after 7p, so when I had the chance to try this taco truck on my way home, I had to give it a shot even though I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to try one thing to see if I had a reason to come back. I do. I had the al pastor taco and it was delicious. They have a spit but it wasn't turning even though the heat was on behind it, so I'm not sure when the pork was carved from it. Regardless, it was a great taco nicely filled with pork, onions, cilantro and red salsa.

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  1. its funny how you refer to olympic and la brea as the "eastside." I've only had their al pastor and its pretty solid. Their salsa is pretty good too, it has a light smokey flavor. Plus, there is plenty of parking around.

    1. This is El Chato you speak of, and yes their Al Pastor is great. My only complaint is that they are relatively small, but for $1 you can't be mad (esp. how good they are).

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          Yes, El Pecas #2 is now El Chato. Fantastic tacos. Seriously. I've done alot of taco research (read: eating) this last yr and a half, and these (along with Chema's in Whittier) are the best I've come across. (mainly for their al pastor)

      1. THAT'S THE BEST FREAKIN' TACO TRUCK IN THIS AREA OF TOWN. I LIVE JUST A MILE AND A HALF AWAY! If I went there as much as I'd like my heart would stop pumping and just push delicious grease through my veins.

        My parents were just in town from rural Missouri and I made a point to go to that truck for the al pastor. They were blown away and ate more than they should have at nine at night.

        Every thing about that truck is beautiful: the three different salsas, the generous handfulls of radishes, and the amazingly seasoned meats.

        It should have a line like Mozza...

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          I suggest if you stop at this location, try the quesadilla. I've been stopping there on the way back from listening to music at places and having enjoyed the tacos and burritos decided to try a quesadilla. I think it's pretty fabulous. They told me they're there until 1am, but I think it depends on their business. Seems I've seen them there later, but sometimes they close up earlier (usually when I'm hungry). Seems to have a large following of their countrymen heading back from work (always a good sign to the quality/authenticity).