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Apple Pan, Burger & fries $10

okay okay, $9.85, with tip it was $12. I liked it, but it was small and had to much lettuce and to much of the hickory sauce. I love 26 Beach, I think it is a 1/2 lb angus burger and it comes with fries or salad for $10, toppings are extra, but it is huge & they make their own buns and cut their own fries. I think I even like, I know I like Cassell's better than Apple Pan. Heck the Double Double combo at In & Out is under $6.50. What is everyone fascination with Apple Pan, is it nostalgia because you grew up on them?

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  1. Yes, same reason there is a fascination with Tito's Tacos, only at least the food is edible at Apple Pan.

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      See, now I like Tito's, for what it is! Guess it is what you like, to each his own.

    2. i agree. i think it's the whole schtick of the place, that they make everything just the way they did all those years ago. plus it's a landmark.

      1. I haven't had a beef burger in a long time, so I can't comment. I prefer Billy's Grill's tuna burger, anyhow.
        Apple pan fried were just so not special when I had them.

        the apple pie is just not great. I have no clue why it is so famous.

        the banana cream pie, though that's a revelation! Creamy, silky, bananas everywhere, ooey gooey goodness. Its a thing of beauty.

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          oh, that's what i learned very early on, the apple pie there stink to high hell.

          the cream pies are where it's at. and also the pecan pie with some of that whipped cream.

          burgers are swell, not the greatest, but it's a neighborhood joint of sorts. prices are very high (which i've discussed before) and the fries are garbage too.;

          1. I love the hickory burger and the thick amount of lettuce seems to ballance out the grease but it is way - way overpriced.

              1. My fascination with the Apple Pan has waned as the prices have gone up.

                Tito's, at least, is still ridiculously cheap. It's almost impossible to eat $9.85 cents worth of Tito's by yourself in one sitting.

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                  It's almost impossible to eat anything at all from Tito's as far as I'm concerned. :)

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                    Apple Pan Rocks!!!! it has been a LA Tradition for so many years! I have been going there for over 20 years and love the food!!!

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                      I had no idea Tito's has a spicy salsa until last night. I went for my twice yearly guilty pleasure and the lady in front of me asked for the jalapeno sauce. so i did the same and that's what it was - tons of chopped up jalapenos and a few carrots. nice and hot.

                  2. It's a little nostalgia. It's good honest food. It's not super fou fou. It is what it is. If we all had the same taste buds and emotional connection to flavors, this site would not exist. Something about Gordon (Apple Pan) barking at you. He's the equivalent to the "soup nazi" for burgers. It's definitely comfort food for me. I can't get banana cream pie at In-N-Out, and I can't get fresh guacamole like La Parilla's at Tito's. But that doesn't preclude me from eating at In-N-Out or La Parilla. It's whatever I'm in the mood for. Ain't LA just the greatest gastro destination in the US if not the world?

                    1. The thing I like about Apple Pan is that it is a "fast food style" burger in terms of the thin patty and the overall size. It's just a certain genre of burger, and in that genre it kicks ass. (Yes it's a few bucks too expensive.)

                      The tuna sandwich at the Apple Pan is godly.

                      1. Thanks for the props for Cassell's. Great meat!

                        1. Well Burger Boy, Here is a tip. Egg Salad on Rye Toast. Black olives on the side Crispy Fries and an Iced Coffee with those thimbals of Fresh Cream. This is my go to lunch at the Apple Pan. So stuffed never had the pies but from the posts here I jut may stop in for and Iced Coffee and a Slice of a Banana Cream Pie.. I just never got the excitement from the Burgers there but I would always go if someone wanted to, just for the above..

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                            Definitely try the banana cream!

                            Haven't had good egg salad in yonks! I should try it there.

                          2. Agree about the hickory sauce. Sometimes it's so strong, it makes it feel like I'm eating beef jerky.

                            1. It's good. It's fast. And it's close to the movies. I love the place.