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Aug 17, 2007 08:36 AM

Dinner party catering

I will be hosting a birthday dinner at my home. (I had previously wanted to find a restaurant with private room, but decided to go with this option -- thanks to everyone who chimed in). I'll check out caterers previously recommended on the chowhound boards. If anyone wants to recommend someone they really liked, who would enjoy whipping up something for a party of 12, please let me know. Thanks again.

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  1. It would probably help if you gave a price range and type of cusine you are looking for? Are you wanting full service of a chef and servers in your home?

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      I'm looking for someone to serve it at home, though not necessarily prepare it there. Mediterranean/continental cuisine, price range up to $40 per person. Some good caterers from previous threads included Urban Fare, Jayne's Catering and Local Café. Daniel et Daniel seems too pricey.

      1. re: OnDaGo

        I'd love a server if possible. Cuisine -- more sophisticated than Druxy's. Not Asian (unless it's cooked by an Asian restaurant, it's not the real thing)
        I checked out toben food by design, recommended on chowhound. His food looks fabulous but the price point is $60 to $80. A bit high, though the meal would be memorable.
        If I have to set it up myself, how much work is involved? Anyone with experience, please let me know.

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          I do not think you are going to get a catered dinner with a server for less then that. When you think of the time involved to cook it, package it up, deliver to your house, unpack, server, clean up load up the empty containers, back to the kitchen to unload and wash... especially when you are only talking 10-12 people.

      2. i've used pusateris in the past and picked stuff up a few hours before and reheated it...worked out quite well

        1. You might want to check out Sumptuous Catering.

          I would give them a call, tell them your numbers, interests, and price range. I used them for my wedding, but know they also cater for a lot of smaller functions.

          1. How about traditional Afghan food? I've heard good things from coworkers about this catering collective, Afghan Women's Catering Group, but haven't tried them myself. Doubt they would provide a server, but would be memorable food - I certainly don't know of any Afghan restaurants myself...

            1. I think I'll go without a server. With the extra dough, there's room for more food. My taste is continental but it seems like most of the catering menus are pretty similar in that area.