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Aug 17, 2007 08:31 AM

Day trip to Jerome

We're planning a day trip to Jerome this weekend, probably Saturday (never been before). Any recommendations for lunch? Has anyone tried Asylum?

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  1. I thought the food at Asylum was very good. But I have only dined there once. I mean, it isn't anything innovative or mind-blowing, just solidly good. If they have the squash soup, get it!

    For lunch, Haunted Hamburger is a good stand by. I also dig the Mile High. Their sandwiches aren't great, but the fried mac and cheese is AWESOME.

    1. We had lunch last year at the Asylum and we all had an excellent does get busy so maybe make reservations..
      The restaurant/hotel was a hospital and is very haunted.

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        There's not much to choose from I have ate at the haunted hamburger but it was no great shakes.

      2. Was there earlier this year...

        Belgian Jennie's Bordello & Pizzeria looked like a cute little slice of a fun restaurant - although we didn't end up there.

        We ate at (from my recollection) a darling little French bistro - cozy and crowded, but good food and a nice view. I wish I could recall the name, but it was about a block up the hill and on the left side of the street from Belgian Jennie's. Extensive Googling didn't result in a name - sorry!

        1. We had a great lunch at the Asylum. It was called "The Stack" and was a delicious hamburger patty covered with melted blue cheese and caramalized onions oover a bed of fresh greens in a vinagrette type dressing. It's a nice place for lunch.

          1. I adore the town, I honestly don't think you can make a bad choice in Jerome. It has high chow density. I was up for the art walk last month and we walked into Grapes! and had some great food -- I really liked their bruschetta assortment -- and their wines by the glass or flight arrangement was nice. Great beer selection, too.

            The tasting room at the top of the hill is kind of fun, too, because you can try some pretty obscure grapes. Some decent wines and some really big misses. Trying to keep a straight face is a challenge.