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Aug 17, 2007 08:29 AM

2 NYC hounds heading to SF ...

Hi ! 2 NYC hounds are heading to SF in early October. Looking for any "must try" places for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Any recommendations are appreciated!

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    1. You may get better response if you indicate:
      1. Where you are staying in SF
      2. What budgetary or dietary constraints exist
      3. What types of cuisine exist which are satisfied by NYC (e.g., thin crust pizza) and therefore are not necessarily looking for here.

      Having said that, two reliable recommendations are Azziza and Tadich Grill

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      1. re: zorrosf

        Aziza's good. Tadich is more about the history and atmosphere, definitely not the best seafood in SF.

        You'll get a better response if you read some past threads and post a tentative list.