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Aug 17, 2007 08:19 AM

Dinner party help needed!

I'm having a dinner party tonight. I'm making a grilled tri-tip roast with a parsley and roasted cherry tomato sauce (sort of a chimechuri with roasted tomatoes), and roasted fingerling potatoes with shallots, parsley and rosemary. I have haricots verts as well. Can I roast these with the potatoes? For how long? Will the rosemary work with them? Or, should I just par-boil them and then saute with olive oil, shallots and lemon? TIA!!

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  1. Green beans and rosemary can be good friends. We often do a green bean sautee at our house where the beans are briefly parboiled and then sauteed in good-quality olive oil with garlic, shallots and crumbled dried rosemary, and then dressed with lemon juice and honey before serving. Sounds like you have everything on hand if you want to give that a whirl.

    That said, roasting the beans with the potatoes sounds absolutely delish and would work very nicely as well.

    1. What time should I be there!? Seriously, sounds like a great menu. If you end up roasting the beans with the potatoes, be aware that they'll cook much faster than the potatoes and adjust your cook time accordingly...they shouldn't take much longer than 6 or 7 minutes at a high temp.

      Bon Apetit!

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        Haricots verts are such tender little beans they just need the briefest steaming. Watch them if you plant to roast with the potatoes they can shrivel up quickly.

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          Thanks to all of you. I'm going to roast them with the potatoes (1 less pan to wash!), but I'll add them 6-7 minutes before the potatoes are done.