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Aug 17, 2007 08:09 AM

Lunch Downtown

Any one have any original ideas for lunch downtown (not old Montreal) in the $20 per person range (without wine or tip)? I am looking for something out of the ordinary that goes beyond the usual sandwhich fare.

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  1. Probably not a long list once you cut out sandwiches and cap the price. I suggest Brasserie Brunoise although I don't think the food is anything exceptional. Café Presto is dirt cheap and an interesting experience but I think the food is average to bad. I prefer Ferrari on Bishop for Italian (but that may be out of the downtown core).

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      The cap price could go up. I set the price to limit the high end places and to rule out the food courts. If you have other ideas, let me know.

    2. If you're open to the idea of food courts, Aqualunch under Simons is a real gem.

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        Really? Those whole battered fish kind of terrify me.

        What's the best item on the menu?

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          I can't speak for the best item on the menu, as I've been once, to the Rockland location. I wasn't all that hungry so I ordered the fish sandwich. It turned out to be a small sea-bass filet, lightly breaded and fried, still moist, on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce, served with a lovely mixed salad (fresh, fresh), and best of all: House-cut fries! The portion was huge and I think with a canned drink it came to about 7.50.

          I was pleasantly surprised.

      2. Au Bistro Gourmet on St-Mathieu near de Maisonneuve has good lunch specials well below $20 - the basic menu is online. I ate there once and it was good, though I wouldn't say exceptional.

        Bistro Gourmet
        2100 Rue Saint-Mathieu, Montreal, QC H3H2J4, CA

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          Two Swiss places you could add to your list of possibilities:
          Alpenhaus: 1279, St Marc
          Pasta Tella: 2055 Stanley

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            I don't see the big whoop with Alpenhaus: i know it's been around forever but you'd figure it being a Swiss restaurant they'd have @ least a decent chocolate fondue. Terrible fruit (went in the summertime too) & crappy chocolate. It was so pathetic-looking ~ the dessert fondue even tasted of cheese, it figures ;(

            At least the table d'hote was so-so okay.

        2. If you are not planning on drinking alcohol there is Taqueria La Nacion
          1850 Ste-Catherine W.; 514-931-2956

          Here is a review from The Hour:

          1. Guy & Dodo in Cours Mont Royal. Their lunch menu, includes soup, dessert & coffee, is priced at $15.80 (passed by it today) and the food, service & setting are quite good, even if it's in a mall. I haven't been in a couple of years as I don't work nearby anymore. Another plus is that it's relaxing, they don't try to rush you through, if you don't want to rush that is. (everything's good, but desserts stand out for me, I've had terrific tarte tatin there, and ile flottante.)

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              Guy&Dodo lost some of it's incredible service staff and that was a huge disappointment for me. Dodo is still charming of course. One dessert I can do without is their creme brulee. It used to be one of the best in the city. Then they infused it with lavender and they lost me on that. I don't want perfumey creme brulee.

              But it is a great lunch deal, and even though it's in a "mall" - it is by no means a "mall" restaurant.