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Aug 17, 2007 07:57 AM

Lunch Today w/Well-Behaved Todder in W. Village?

My wife and two-year-old daughter are meeting me for lunch today by my office. My office is at 12th & Washington, so we're looking for a place in the West Village or Meatpacking District where we won't get dirty looks for having a toddler with us (though she's very well-behaved). Good foood is key. Barbuto has been great for us in the past, baby included...but we've gone there WAY too often. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Why not try: Good, Tartine

    1. How about Perry Street? Take advantage of their $24 3-course prix-fixe. It is not that crowded during lunch time (though I will call ahead to make sure).

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        Thanks for the tips - we'll put them on our list for next time. We actually ended up going to Morandi, which turned out to be perfect for what we needed. Nice and quiet, high chairs available, good wine & food. We had the tomato bread salad to share, I had the roasted pork sandwich and my wife had a special veal ravioli with sage and butter daughter liked the cannelini beans but apparently found the spaghetti with meyer lemon & parmesan not to her liking...and we made it out of there before her meltdown began.