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Aug 17, 2007 06:36 AM

Square Root, Brevard, NC

I'm surprised no one has beat me to a review of this place. This restaurant/bar sits in an alley off of Main St. in Brevard (between 64 and the old movie theater), but don't let the location fool you. The interior is very well done in a casual/hip kind of way.

My wife and I made fools of ourselves over the brie appetizer. Topped with a carmel pecan sauce, crisp green apples and crackers, it could easily have served for dessert.

Christine had a "yogurt marinaded curry chicken" that she says was outstanding. It was all she could do not to pick up the bones and start gnawing away. She wouldn't share.

I had a wasabi salmon served over a creamy blue cheese and tabasco sauce. Just the right amount of spice to warm things up without being over powering. It was incredible.

Appetizer, 2 beers and 2 entrees came in at $50. The wine list looked good, but we weren't in the mood. Entrees ran $15-$25, but they had a fairly long sandwich list as well.

Only complaint is the service, which I observed to be an issue limited to our table. We had our 8 month old (never squeeked...) with us and are a young couple. I'm sure the waiter pegged us from the start as water, 2 side salads and a split entree. We weren't offered the specials and when he took out order he said, to quote, "Let's get your dinner order over with". And, when a drink was knocked over, we were handed a towel and left to ourselves. My usual 20%+ tip fell to about 12%.

The food and setting were top notch and we'll give the service a pass this time.

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  1. I would have beat you to the review if I had known about this website! Due to our travel schedule, my husband and I ate at the Square Root two weekends in a row, the first two weekends of August. We also made fools of ourselves over the brie appetizer. Fabulous! I also had the wasabi salmon, and yes it was incredible. My husband had the lobster pasta with mushrooms on one visit. I was great. I had the tortilla tower, the appetizer, on our second visit. Was truly enough for a meal for me. It was a fun dish, the presentation was clever and the taste was wonderful. So at this point I think everyone we know or have talked to since we ate here knows about this restaurant and what a great find it was.

    I know what it is like to go to a restaurant with an infant. You are instantly tagged with bad karma. I still to this day will not patronize a local restaurant in our area because of a similar situation and that was 11 years ago! Plus I did not think their food was worth paying for. I hate that you had that experience. My husband and I actually commented after both visits how well the staff flowed together. Everyone seemed to pitch in at various levels and due to the small size of the place you clearly could see who was actually posted at what position. I do hope the management becomes aware of the situation you encountered. And I most certainly hope that it will be corrected!! Future blessings for happy eating.

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      we'll go back for sure. After I was turned off by our guy, I watched the rest of the wait staff to see if it was just him/us or what. Everyone seemed to be doing a great job.

    2. Ate brunch there. It was highly unremarkable and poorly executed. Dinner prices are just too high for such a cliche menu. The bar is very nice. Will return for that.

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        I had an experience fairly opposite to the OP. We remarked on how good the service was, but the food was just average. Everything was fine, I'll probably go back some day when I need some place that's open in the middle of the afternoon and with a plain menu to suit my non-chow friends, but there's nothing to really special about it.

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          I'm with danna here. We were invited by raving friends. My "tenderloin" was from some other, not very appealing, neighborhood of the cow; just the sort of thing that reveals either a profound ignorance of food or utter disrepect for patrons. I don't remember the service as I tried to soldier on for the sake of friends who thought the place was "neat". I didn't look at the famous bar. I was afraid I might find a reason to return.

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            46to6 - I'm enjoying your posts. welcome to Chowhound. may you have better luck dining in the future.

      2. Yep, if my poor memory serves me, that was I. I am sorry bout the towel, i was a little weeded. Sometimes on that menu, especially with all the sandwiches being served with the entrees as well, it was hard for me to time everyone alright and I guess you guys came right when I was just above water. Hope it wasn't an insult and to see ya soon!

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          we went here on 6/27 - Saturday night- waited about 20 minutes- it was so hot that night and the AC was not working which made for an uncomfortable dinner- all the kids got burgers-said they were good- I got the tilapia sandwich which was good and we got the stacked tostado- overall it was Ok- also a cobb salad-$100 bucks 4 kids 2 adults