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Aug 17, 2007 06:20 AM

Anyone been to Dino's wood fired pizza?

It used be another pizza place and name has changed. Dear nephew is craving some wood fired pizza and want to go over drop off some pizzas and libation, since he has no car.

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  1. My wife and I ate here this past Friday and it was great. The warmth of the wood oven and the pizza guy genuinely cared about his craft. Tasty food - unpretentious environment, quiet and warm and terrific value.

    A tasty meal for sure. We ate in.

    1. I like Dino's -- everything about it except the fact he doesn't offer fresh mozzerrella (even for an added price)... the pizza margherita is made with shredded mozz :(

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      1. re: duckdown

        What do you consider fresh mozzerrella? He shreds a fresh block of mozz. every day, next time ask him and he'll show you how he does it. Everything on his pizza's are fresh!

        1. re: GregCanada

          Fresh block is different from fresh (packed in whey).

      2. Is it strictly takeout?

        1. Dino's is great. Dino himself is a great guy as well. I have not been in a due to lack of a vehicle but his crust is always superb and sauce is excellent.

          1. Walked in a week or so ago. No slices! I was so hungry too.

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              Dino doesn't do slices. I recommend calling about 15 minutes ahead and ordering a pie. You don't want something that's been sitting there all day, you want a fresh pie out of a hot wood burning oven, that's when Dino's is at it's best. Can I just say that I still love Dino's and his quality has not gone down one bit. It's literally gotten better. His crust and sauce are fantastic.