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Aug 17, 2007 06:13 AM

Bellmore-Merrick catering

Any ideas for fried chicken and heroes?

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  1. In my opinon no one does fried chicken better than Popeyes on Long Island,Unle Giusepes gets their bread from Brooklyn and its good

    1. Definitely give John at We Aint Just Chicken a call, he's on Broadway in Massapequa. He makes great fried or grilled chicken, and his heroes are out of this world. I especially like the 6 foot one he does with grilled chicken and onion rings. Also marinaded steak, ribs and really anything you want him to make. He'll travel anywhere too.

      1. My Hero - corner of Bellmore Ave and Jerusalem Ave.
        Chicken Carnival - On Jerusalem across from Care Free Tennis or Zorn's Chicken on Merrick Rd.

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          My Hero closed for vacation at time of party. Chicken Carnival not answering phone. I guess they are not open yet.

          1. re: mdill

            Ward's Deli on Babylon Turnpike - I'll get heros from there sometimes.
            Ivarone Brothers in Wantagh - Jerusalem and Wantagh Ave - Very good Catering. They have both heros and fried chicken.

          2. re: jmax

            My Hero catering is some of the best you can get in that category!

          3. never been there, but friends have told me for fried chicken Zorn's is the best. I believe they have a website. I think they have a location in East Meadow and Wantagh, so both are close to Bellmore and Merrick