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Aug 17, 2007 06:13 AM

Le Creuset + Viking induction = no good?

Has anyone had any experience using Le Creuset enameled cast iron on Viking induction cooktops? My wife and I bought a Viking countertop unit (so we could decide if we really wanted an induction cooktop in our new kitchen, and specifically because we like the Viking cooktop) and have found that, while it works well with plain cast iron, the pot-recognizer doesn't see our Le Creuset cookware. Viking literature says it should work, Viking customer service says they've heard it doesn't. If anyone has some actual real-world experience with Viking induction cooktops (which may behave differently from the countertop unit) to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, if you have an induction cooktop which works well with Le Creuset, and haven't already said so in a Google-accessible location, I'd appreciate hearing about that as well (ideally, before we start writing inordinately large checks).

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  1. I have a Diva induction cooktop and have no problem using Le Creuset cookware (two large Dutch Ovens).

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      Check the bottoms of your pots and then repost, please, both cmk and the OP. You may be using a LC with a smooth enamel bottom versus the pots that have some metal on the bottom. I would be willing to bet that it makes a difference. The smooth bottom is on some pans like the grill pan.

    2. Good idea. However, I have two with enameled bottoms (a grill pan and a French/Dutch oven) and one with a metal bottom. Neither type works. The metal-bottom one was bought decades ago; the others are newer. The LC web site says all their stuff works with induction; the literature with the new ones said so as well.

      From the LC web site:

      "Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and under the grill. Le Creuset is suitable for use on all heat sources including electric, gas, ceramic, halogen top and induction."

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        My kenmore induction works fine with several LC pieces'

      2. If you don't resolve this issue, can I have your Le Creuset? :)

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          Nice try! (As my grandmother always said, "If you don't ask, you won't get.").

          However, in this case, if it turns out LC really won't work with the Viking cooktop, we'll just buy some other cooktop. We like the Viking because it has knobs and because the element power ratings are honest numbers - no "power boost" nonsense.. On the other hand, if it doesn't work with LC, who knows what other issues it has? We don't want to be unpaid members of anybody's product testing group.

        2. According to a Viking regional service manager, early units had a (coupling) problem which has since been resolved. My unit will be repaired or replaced. Presumably anyone buying a Viking induction product should verify that it was produced after the fix was implemented.

          Thanks to all who replied. Higgika, we'll let you know when we get too feeble to lift the stuff (maybe sooner rather than later).

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              Hi This is a late response, but I have a Viking induction cooktop purchased two years ago and used only rarely, in a vacation home, Suddenly the three big burners are simply dead, Unuseable. Is this the problem you write about in your August 2007 posting? I hope you are still chow hounding.

              1. re: oatsie

                I have a combo induction/electric viking 36" cooktop that has had trouble for one year. Bought in 2007 for my remodel and all was well until about a year ago. Approved repair company has replaced every part imaginable but the induction no longer works on the front right burner. I managed to convince viking that I shouldn't have to pay for all the time (they only cover parts on warranty after awhile) and eventually they agreed. Now, given the expense of nearly $2K on their end, they want to replace the entire unit but I can only choose between all induction or all electric no combos anymore - wonder why. All induction will mean none of my all-clad pots will work which is why I bought the combo in the first place. I wanted the wolf but it didn't have the combo option. So now I'll have a free replacement, great, but my pots - and I really do cook a lot - will cost a great deal to replace and what to do with the old ones? Garage until I move and can have gas and induction. What a pain. Apparently all the blogs that say avoid viking cooktops were right after all. The non-working induction is something I hope you got covered by warranty.

            2. I've received some more information from Viking. Their fix concerned a problem with the small element on their induction cooktops. My problem is with their single-element countertop unit. Viking says that their unit does not have a problem and that the problem is with my cookware.

              This is starting to sound a little like computer tech support fingerpointing between hardware and software, and I'm not very happy about it. Meanwhile, I've got a little free time, which I plan to spend carting my dutch oven around to showrooms and trying things out for myself. First manufacturer to heat the thing up gets my new-kitchen appliance $$$.