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Aug 17, 2007 05:33 AM

RW Marco: great meal

I was a little worried about this meal since previous meals hadn't gotten great comments before and the menu didn't seem too exciting. But on a second look, there were interesting choices, and at least 6 for each course. The place was jammed when we first got there at 8 (as was the north end in general, surprised to see a festival around Fleet St. I think) but quieted down fairly quickly. Not that it takes much to jam that tiny place. Waitress was pleasant and on top of things throughout. Friend got a beer and I ordered some basic white wine which came in one of those non stemmed glasses that I hate. There was a look on top that maybe I got some just cleaned glass with soap leftover, I didn't taste it but the look overall was unappealing. Decent bread with olive oil plus a little dish of peppers and olives to put on top. He started with the greens, pancetta and whatever else which was my first choice but I'm glad I got steered toward the gorgonzoloa stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto. These were decadent, served warm which was a surprise in balsamic and great all around. I had the salmon with crab, avocado and some cucke/tomato salad. Again, very nice and enough to take a small doggy bag home. Flank steak served with peppers tasted good on a small bite. I had a good espresso panna cotta for dessert and he had amazing mini cannoli, there was something about the shells that was much better than most. A great experience overall.

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  1. It's Fisherman's Feast weekend! -

    As always, thanks for the review, J. The figs sound great! Reminds me I have to get back to Orinoco for the datiles (bacon-wrapped dates).

    1. Sounds like they really improved over last year. I remember few choices, cheap (RW-grade) evoo and randomly confused service. Glad your experience was better!