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Anyone been to Burrito Boyz?

Have been hearing that the burritos are good; interested in the halibut one. Heard it is a burrito place a la sub place (assembly line, choose ingredients).

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  1. A recent thread on Mexican food had widely divergent opinions on BB, but, as I recall, on balance not very good.

    1. I like BB if I don't think of it as mexican food but as a fast food alternative. I get is sans rice with extra guac. The hot sauce is a must too, a full bead down the centre makes it all good.

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        I tried the Yonge/Sheppard location once for lunch about 1/2 year ago. Just like orangewasabi mentioned, it's like a fast food joint to mexican food. Nothing really outstanding, but decent portion sizes. My wife enjoyed their fish (halibut) burrito. You can check out their website which lists the kinds of toppings they have.


        I didn't realize how good mexican can be until I had the real thing on my visit to San Diego a few months back.

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          Ditto; I got spoiled on our first trip to Mexico. The lot of us who went can't bear to eat anything we have found where we live. I actually bought, brought back and froze 50 of the mini flour tortillas. All gone!

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            I think the place on Yonge and Sheppard is Bar Burrito not Burrito Boyz. Burrito Boyz is the best in the city for burritos. By burritos, I mean the more more Californianesque thick chock full of stuff not a toothpick burrito. The halibut is pretty good when the fish is cooked correctly. I just wish they'd get black beans and carnitas.

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              The one at Yonge & Sheppard isn't Burrito Boyz. I think it's called Burrito Bar or something like that.

              While the burritos at BB aren't considered to be real burritos (and definitely can't compare to the ones you get in California) they taste really good and they're SO filling. The halibut is deep fried and surprisingly good in a burrito. Ask for the chili-lime sauce as well.

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                oh ya, sorry guys for my mistake, it's Bar Burrito.

          2. I really liked it when I went there. I think the problem most people have is they're comparing it to real Mexican food. If you just think of it as a food of it's own, I'm sure you'll be quite happy with your choice.
            And the fish burrito was very good.

            NY Sub is near the downtown location and I didn't enjoy it as much.


            1. It's very satisfying as a late-night meal. Go to the Peter/Richmond location for the halibut! From the outside it's a bit of a hole in the ground, but they are quite efficient with the ordering.
              Halibut takes a bit longer than other choices (steak, chicken, etc.) and the "small" is a meal and a half for me! There's always a line-up.

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                How late are we talking; midnight or beyond?

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                  On weekends (Fri/Sat) they are open until 4am, but on weeknights they are open until 11pm (according to the martiniboyz review). I associate it with street/fast food (hot dogs, pizza) that I can grab after a movie or clubbing, but more substantial in quantity and quality (and price -- a small halibut is about $7, versus a $3 sausage). It's breaded, so I can't say that it's healthier! But that being said, it is very satisfying!

                  I don't know about the other locations, but the Peter site has about 3 stools inside, so you're not really meant to dine-in.
                  It's probably just as good to grab for lunch or dinner, but I'm never in the area at that time of day!

              2. There is nothing I love more than to grab a couple (steak, chicken,veggie,halibut or shrimp) burritos and head on over to the paramount (oh wait the scotiabank) it sure beats the Taco Bell they serve at the theatre

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                  Not to mention that even the large burrito is still loads cheaper than any of the overpriced Taco Bell combos on their menu. :)

                  I often do the same thing. The only downside is that the other patrons usually shoot me dirty looks... methinks it's just jealousy because they're nibbling on $5 tubs of popcorn with fake butter whilst I'm chowing down on a yummy burrito.

                  1. I usually order the large halibut burrito with guacamole and no rice. It is a good size, tasty and satisfying. It costs $10 (tax included), not including the guacamole. I used to go more often to Burrito Boyz before they increased the prices so much. When they first opened, it was a great snack/meal for a decent price; now I feel it is overpriced, and I only go there when I have a craving.

                    I also tried the chicken burrito, but I did not like the meat they used, so I stayed with the halibut. I wish they would chop the tomatoes into smaller pieces; in my last few visits, the tomatoes were in large chunks, which is not my taste.

                    If you have never tried it before, go for it. It is not a bad experience. The only problem in my opinion is the price; you can get much better value for your money at other places.

                    1. The halibut burrito is my favourite!

                      I won't do the shrimp again, it was not quite right.

                      My hubby loves the steak burrito.

                      Depending on when you go, the lineups can be long, but it is worth the wait.

                      1. The portions are big but I find the burritos are not very flavourful. The chicken is bland, steak is better. It needs salt or something, and I order all the toppings on it except sour cream.

                        1. This place use to be awsome 2 years ago. it even was picked as a part of top 10 restaurants in toronto by toronto.com. then something happened, i dunno, owner change? change in management? even the staff changed. from then on the quality of the meat and chicken and the overall flavour was lost. still good for a late night thing...but not quite same as before.

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                            I just got the chance to try it today at around dinnertime (6:30pm) and the lineup wasn't as long as I've heard but the place is still pretty packed. Alot of people were ordering the haibut but I wanted to stick with something more familiar like steak. I thought it was very good but I'm no expert and the price was good too. I definitely want to go back and try the halibut.

                            I did see they have another store open near by and that one opens on sunday and the one that is on peter street is closed sunday. Is the other store better than this one on peter street?

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                              I agree. It used to be great, now blah. And this is not some jaded elitist "sellout" complaint. Their food truly has gone downhill over the past couple of years. Not sure why. I remember being just blown away by their halibut burrito my first few visits. So crispy, tasty, balanced, fresh. Then, quite noticeably, it took a nosedive. The halibut burrito at Bar Burrito or whatever is pretty gross, avoid it. Too bad about Burrito Boyz, it used to be pretty tasty.

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                                I wonder if when I tried the halibut it was post-good, I haven't had it since and wasn't impressed, I recall sogginess..though the chicken seems good to me still...

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                                  Yeah, I agree The steak was marinated in something a couple year ago and it is not as good.Weird

                                1. I had the halibut burrito a couple of week ago, it was still delicious. And the guac isn't an extra charge anymore. It is by far the best burrito place in the downtown core. Bar Burrito and the dozen other other places that have popped up around town don't come even close to Burritos Boyz quality.

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                                    I really am a fan of Mucho Burrito. One on Dixie Rd and one on Hwy 7 and Famous Players Rd. Everything is fresh, lots of choices including 3 salsas. Yummy.

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                                      I can also vouch for the halibut burrito (Peter St location) - had a couple of weeks ago, and it was great. I was also surprised and happy to see that the guac was now free. OK, now I'm craving that dang burrito again!