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Aug 17, 2007 04:47 AM

Any updated thoughts on Django

Going for a special occasion this weekend, at the request of the Birthday boy, but I haven't seen a lot on this restaurant in recent months. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been there in several months but I can say that talk of it having gone downhill under the "new" owners is just wrong. It's very very good.

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      Thanks for the response! Now I'm looking forward to dinner!

    2. We were much disapointed with our recent visit. The service was extremely slow... I'm talking about 25 minutes between each course. With the food, we felt they were trying too hard to live up to the past reputation. The plates were overly complex to the point of not really even making much sense from a culinary standpoint. And the cheese course they were so well regarded for was a shadow of its former self. There were 12 different cheeses with 12 different accoutrements... sounds great right? The problem was that the slivers of cheese were so slight that you couldn't enjoy the texture or even discern the taste, and the garnishes were haphazardly placed with random cheeses. When we asked the server if the garnishes were placed with particular cheeses for a specific reason, he said no and pointed all over the plate to show the ones he liked to eat together. We needed to take notes if we wanted to remember all the finger pointing. The question we had was why would these garnishes not be placed with the proper cheeses. All and all we were not impressed and most likely will not return. I know things change and I'm not expecting the same old django... but maybe if they found their own voice it would make more sense.

      1. We went about three months ago and had a wonderful meal. The cheese course was delish, great cheese (very stinky!), interesting pairings with chutneys fruit, etc. I did not think the portions were skimpy at all.

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          everyone has an opinion... glad you had a nice experience... i stand by my comments... we did not enjoy it ... our cheese course was not "delish".

        2. Whoa! What gives? I know I live in a cave and have not subscribed to the Inky in years, but who are the "new" owners? And, if "new," what are Bryan and Aimee doing now and why did they sell their great name to second-stringers? Please, Hounds, edify me.

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            I think they have Tallula's Table in Kennett Square. I hear you have to wait at least a year to get a reservation for dinner. Otherwise, it's a gourmet take out. As for "second stringers", I'm not sure what's happened since I've been to Django (or perhaps just the night sanfrantransplant was there), but I've been twice since the new ownership and thought it was terrific. In fact, I liked it better than my one visit under the original owners.

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              Greg Salisbury of Rx runs Django now. Bryan and Aimee (from what I understand) wanted to get out to the country with their new child, so they moved to Kennett Square and opened Talula's Table. They serve one meal per night to a table of 10-12, and it's also a store selling takeout and various gourmet ingredients, cheeses, etc. Reservations for dinner can be made one year to the day in advance, but there's a waiting list you can get on in case someone cancels their reservation.

              1. re: Buckethead

                Greg hasn't been involved with Django for a couple of years; he and his co-owner, Ross Essner, had a falling out and Ross is in charge now.

                My own experience with the current Django is that it's still good. But it's also a lesson in how far the Philly food scene has come over the last eight years: dishes, and an approach, that was revolutionary is now pretty much everyday stuff.