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Aug 16, 2007 11:55 PM

Banh Mi in San Diego

I am looking for good Banh Mi places in San Diego and this topic wasn't discussed much on this board before. Any suggestions ?

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  1. K's Sandwiches - wait for Josh to chime in

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      K Sandwiches is good stuff. They bake their own bread.

    2. I like the banh mi at Bale French Bakery next door to Viet Dong on Linda Vista Rd. (just south of Genesee a few blocks)

      1. Kirk has reviewed several options at his site. He lists it as a category on the left side under "categories." Here I've pulled up the posts:

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          I know Kirks reviews but was hoping to get more opinions from different people to cover a larger variety of options.

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            I've been to K Sandwiches, Bale, and Fusion cafe. Of the three, I like K the best, but Bale was my introduction to banh mi, many years ago. Fusion isn't bad, but again not as good as K.

            The freshly baked bread at K is hard to beat, I think.

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            Kirk, Ed and I blog, not review.

            I like the ones from Sau Voy Deli, inside the 99Ranch complex, on Claimont Mesa.

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              I think you all do a great job of appraising restaurants, etc. around SD. Blogging, reviewing, you can call it whatever you want. Just keep doing it, please!

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                Oh, we love doing it...and will continue to as long as we can eat.

                It is just there is a different meaning entirely to "reviewing" than to our humble public diary of what we ate. We do try to correct people who call us reviewers every chance we get.

                That said...K sandwiches gets another nod. The Banh mi. The croissant sandwiches. The pate chaud...for $1. Oh my, dinner time is close... Breakfast tomorrow is around the corner. Gosh I do love it there too....

          3. I always recommend some of the independent banh mi shops along El Cajon Blvd - Kim Chan and Song Huong come to mind as really good examples. I believe the sandwiches are now $2.50 at both; Song Huong has pictures of the choices. Kim Chan only has translations in English for some choices, but they make good sandwiches.


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              A lot of the El Cajon banh mi places get their bread from Paris Bakery, just down from Saigon. It can be good to get that bread and then buy fillings at places like Venissimo, Sausage King, or Zion. Salami, bratwurst or Bulgogi banh mi, lamb philly cheesesteak, whatever you like.