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Aug 16, 2007 11:25 PM

Mortadella love & Amatrice Mort. Inquiry

I grew up on the stuff as my favorite sandwich for lunch and I just got to thinking of it the other day. I remember being handed paper thin tastes of it at probably 4 years old in some Italian deli in Walnut Creek my 'nonna' took me to.

Is there any particularly good brands to look out for and where are they located? I am intensely interested in the availabilty of the smoked and cinnamon flavored Amatrice variety as well - has it been seen?

Anyone see Zampone - another intrigue of mine?

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  1. Zampone's sometimes available around New Year's. Cotechino's easier.

    1. I can't give you any guidance on specific brands, but the quality of Mortadella in the U.S. increased dramatically some years back when the Federal Govt. approved the import of Italian Mortadella. If you are in Sonoma County, Traverso's is the place for salumi of all sorts, both in terms of selection, and handling. They regularly stock Italian Mortadella, as well as coteghino. Further, Claudio, who runs the deli section makes his own Pancetta and Guanciale which are both first rate if a bit lean.

      106 B Street
      Santa Rosa, CA

      1. Fra Mani is now making a mortadella that I tasted and found to be delicious.

        1. If you ae in SF itself try Molinari's in North Beach or virtually any Italian deli. There is also another one on Chestnut as you are heading toward the GGB its on the right. I think its Lucca's or De Lucca's. If you are in the East Bay, try Genoa's on 51st & Telegraph right off the exit. All these places carry zampone as well. I'll bet your nonna took you to Genoa's WC location 4 years ago.

          PS if anyone can recommend a place in the NJ/NY area for the same please let me know.

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              Hoboken had great Italian delis when I lived in Weehawken years ago. There was a particularly good one (the name escapes me now) that served up roast beef sandwiches on fresh baked bread with au jus, fresh mozzarella and homemade roasted red peppers. It's not on the main drag, but a couple of streets down. You'll recognize it by the line out the door on Sunday mornings. Little Italy also has great delis galore!

            2. Fatted Calf, Fra Mani and the Cafe Rouge Meat Market all make excellent mortadella.

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